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Nerfs & or Buffs

We always talk about nerfing or buffing? But what would you do to a Dino that would generally make it more viable.

I honestly think Turomoloch should get regenerate and run as well as swap in stun.

Dracoceratops - should just get its shield breaker removed and possibly more speed.

Gemini titan - instant distraction swapped for distracting strike with a swap in slow.

Gigispikasaurous - rampage swapped for decelerating rampage?

What else?

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Give Postimetrodon back her damage.


Rather than removing Dracoceratops DSR, just make it DSS. That way it’s still useable but just not as annoying. Also I would love to see Spinotasuchus get a bit more HP cause it rarely manages to get off a swoop before dying


Giving it more hp would throw it out of balance, Its not meant to counter everything and bleed is already very strong.

I am not a supporter of great changes. I would only change.

  1. A small nerf to the Tryko, currently the most powerful creature with too much difference, to match the rest of Tyrant.
  2. A more or less powerful Nerf to Draco to stop occupying the Top position that does not deserve.
  3. Buff more or less strong to geminititan (although this I will never create it) and Pterovexus to occupy positions Apex 1
  4. A great Buff to Stygidaryx because it is unworthy that a Unique creature is so inferior to the rest.

The objective must be that all the Unique have very different characteristics but a similar power (all Tyrant or Apex 1) and all the legendary ones (Apex 1, Apex 2 or Apex 3), at least those that are final (stegodeus, tragodistis , Monostegotops, Tryostonix, Spinotasuchus, …). Once this is achieved, they should no longer nerf or buf any creature, the only changes being the inclusion of new creatures.

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I actually like the stygidarex, on very limited occasions. It next to my grypolyth makes bank.

But I do hate that the only time you would swap in the guy is to take out tanks or erlidom and indom and yet it has no strong move to hurt either

I don’t understand what Posti or Monolo did to get a nerf. They were standard at best. They decided to nerf two creatures that weren’t even a problem??!


Nerf dracoceratops this is ridiculous. Hybrid of 2 common creatures dratroys everything, now with boosts its even worse… Take away his regenerate, why he has it after who Draco? Or Triceratops? It dont fit to any od them and it is so ridiculous, without delay just SWAP in kill Dino regenerate escape and swap in and kills another Dino. You could have 3 underleveled dinos who can just survive 1 hit and you could win with ease just by swaping him in and out. This shouldnt deserve to be Tyrant, so easy to make, so cheap playstyle, no real counters… When they will understand that… And everyone plays him so every battle suck.


I agree that Geminititan should have swap in slow and Gigaspika decel rampage. Tuoramoloch with swap in stun and regenerate and run sure is appealing.

Also the two unique “birds” need a rework, this is my suggestion
swap in dodge instead of evasion
Damage 1300
Evasive strike or Distraction
Distracting impact
Defenitive Rampage( it fits since darwin has dsi and monomimus has null impact)
Lethal Swoop

Swap in wound( if it has enough hp this will work better with the moveset), but keeping swap in invincibility is just as good imo
4500 HP
Superiority Strike
Cleanse and swoop
Lethal wound(since you can’t swap turn 2 anyway)
Instant Stunning Impact( an instant charge impact as a way of doing damage outside of bleed), I mean it has that huge dome right?

Molometrodon should switch DSI into DSR and also get Swap in distraction

I made a post about that here too Rework DEMANDED!

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My StigiDarex would be different

Swap in invincibility…

A1) instant distraction
A2) rampage
A3) lethal wound
A4) swap, wound, cleanse

I don’t understand A4 lol
And isn’t it lacking a basic strike?

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Noice, gonna put it there :slight_smile: