I know this probably won’t receive any attention from Ludia but I really feel like this needs to be stated…some creatures really need to be nerfed. I don’t like nerf threads most of the time but creatures like megalotops/argenteryx are just overpowered.

This tournament made me realize how serious this is…my argenteryx have more than once beat the opponents 3-0 and my megalotops, although less impressive, still have turned the tide multiple times. They make the matches extremely long and hard for the skill tourneys. People in my alliance have mentioned at their average battle with an argenteryx in it typically takes 10-15 minutes. This shouldn’t be the case for a tournament battle!

Another thing is the “skill” tournaments by now no long depends on skill: It all depends on the team the game draws for you and the speedties makes fast internet more important than skillfull plays. Today I lost 3 argenteryx mirror battles all due to speedties and bad RNG (each of them took 5-10 minutes and were in a repetitive pattern of FA, ER, CR, repeat).

The few counters we have for these creatures such as ankylodocurus (for megalotops) and megalotops (for argenteryx) are either overpowered themselves or don’t always win. For example, my argenteryx faced multiple full-health ankydocurus and killed them still with 1 flock member and typically FA ready for the next creature. As for megalotops, there’s pretty much nothing in an Epic/Rare skill tournament that can take on it without losing over half health (with the majority losing to it). I’m in top 500 as of right now and I have bad internet/luck, I meet argenteryx mirrors once every few battles and lose most of them. The majority of 90%-chance-wincounters to it that I’ve seen are all legendary or above.

And it isn’t only crazy in tournaments…I’m in the upper aviary I’ve been seeing a few argenteryx crawling into my arena. They’re typically barely boosted but unless you got counters, you’re pretty much screwed. These flocks always do a hefty amount of damage and none of those that I’ve ever met are level 20 or above yet! The problem they’ll cause to the lower arenas would be crazy if they don’t receive a nerf.

From what I know, Ludia has never actually taken a creature out of the game so removing them is just my wishful thinking but they can nerf it. Some possible solutions could be nerfing argenteryx’s health to 3450 so ankylodocurus and more creatures can kill a flock member with one hit. As for megalotops, giving it an attack/health nerf would be nice.

Another idea would be to nerf FA because from what I’ve seen, once argenteryx get into its pattern of FA, ER, and CR its pretty much garunteed at least a kill or wasted your time. Also nerfing FA would also nerf another problematic creature, the coelhaast. Another issue, if argenteryx runs into a counter after its been injured then it can just swap out. With 75% swap resistance its pretty much immune to swap prevention. And either way, most of its decent counters don’t have swap prevention.

Onto megalotops, this thing is a problem. Resilients would take damage from the raking armor-piercing counter and cunnings are destroyed by its armor and strike which cleans reduced damage, is precise, puts on vulnerability. I don’t think I need to talk about fierce creatures against Megalotops. A decent idea can be changing this counter-attack to maximal counter-attack or medium counter-attack.

Something else I would like to bring up: Flocks need an overall nerf, some kind or another. Some are a bit powerful for their rarity but acceptable, like Compy g2 (imo) and coelurosauravus, others are just overpowered, like compies and argenteryx. I’m hoping that Ludia’s solution of this problem won’t be adding in a new overpowered meta-changing skillset or OP creature(s). This type of powercreep as mentioned in the Gamepress article doesn’t solve problems, it just covers up the old ones and create new ones in a cycle that will eventually cause some players to leave (I know multiple that left).

Thats pretty much all I have to say, if you read this long thanks. Hopefully Ludia will see this. I know there are a lot of strong creatures that needs nerfing but I’m only mentioning these ones due to the timing with the skill tourney going on.


It shouldn’t even have armor piercing.

Indo owns argenteryx, mine gets beat by it pretty regularly. Equally I have a pretty good record against arg with my epic nodo titan (group slowdown, shield then its big move).

ever seen a sloths claws much like my 80 kilo dog they are definately armour piecing :stuck_out_tongue: as for the rest i really hope they take no notice i,m up to my eyeballs in nerf this nerf that…how about you just counter it.

nodo blue anky gold super anky titanboa the list goes on diplothyla the gold dotting bird withe counter :stuck_out_tongue:

Nodo is good against argenteryx and no other fierce or resilients, it have no resistances or anything. Blue can, with luck, survive but even then will be half dead. Anky have only one attack and 0 resistances…its useless against anything else and will be heavily injured after killing megalotops and argenteryx even if it succeeds in doing that. Titanaboa is easily killed when the double rampage is lined up. Even when there’s two left (most of the cases I find myself in) argenteryx go for FA, boa goes for RS, argenteryx go for ER, boa goes DI and doesn’t get past dodge, boa gets another kill and then dies. Diplo is decent but argenteryx can swap out on it and it doesn’t work vice versa not to mention the damage diplo will take before (very unlikely) killing it. Thyla I have seen, does not work unless you get at least 1 crit. And then it would be a one hit kill. None of these counters are A) actual working counters or B) viable in the tournament.

You got that 100% right.


I also somehow beat a lvl 15 arg with my lvl 17 purrylyth (sp?). Its counter took out the dodge & then main attacks took out one each time.

I think the best nerf to argenteryx would be to nerf its health to 3000 so that it only takes a thousand damage for each flock, meaning that stuff like the epic snek hybrid and ankylodicurus can beat it easily

Don’t see why it should get beaten ‘easily’, surely that then takes it the other way…

Because those two are resilient. And it’s not like most resilient will have a good time. The point was for argenteryx to have reliable counters and that’s what they would be if it had 3k health.