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Nest idea for map

Hi everyone I added a idea for the map let’s get right into it

What is this nest idea: glad you asked you see an nest on the map it will show you what creature it belongs to then you tap hatch what it will do is give dna of that creature overtime the eggs will eventually go away in a couple of hours then it turns into that creature and you can dart it

Rarity’s The nest will have a glow indicating it’s rarity blue means rare yellow means epic red means legendary and green means unique there is also a percent to spot a certain rarity 80 percent to see a common 50 percent to see a rare 30 percent to see a epic 10 percent to see a legendary and 1 percent to see a unique

Price Each rarity has a certain price to hatch the eggs commons cost 50 rares cost 100 epics cost 200 legendary cost 900 and unique cost 5000 and also there is also a chance to see a nest which is 45 percent to see one

There is also achievements for the nests there will be 3

Babysitter: hatch 5 nests: reward giga scent

Mother is in charge: hatch 10 nests: reward hatching egg badge

Nest protector: hatch 20 nests: reward velociraptor peeks out of egg emoji

I really hope you like this idea I put some thought in this ask me for any comments enjoy

Created by Dinosaur_Attack

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Cool idea, Dinosaur_attack! Thank you for the suggestion for the different event weeks as well. :smiley:

Right, so:

  • What stuff does it cost to hatch the eggs? Hard cash or Coins?
  • Why are there Unique/Legendary nests? The point is that they’re supposed to be pretty much “one-of-a-kind” hybrids.
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You pay them with coins also they is a certain amount of DNA you get depending on the rarity

Commons: 250


Epics: 50

Legendarys: 10

Uniques: 5

Also if this idea got the staffs attention what update will it come out

I also forgot to mention some other people as well
@GhastBusters @Cheeseeater @Apple @DragonWarrior @Saurus14 @Stygionyx1 @dan1209 @Altithorax_Perotorum @Mudkipz

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It’s not a bad idea, but I have a few questions/points:

  1. It’s probably not a good idea to give away legendary or unique DNA, even if it’s rare and costs coins to obtain. Keep in mind that they turn into the dinosaur at the end, so that would basically create normally spawning dartable uniques. Common through epic is fine though.

  2. I’m not sure that this adds enough over normal spawning to be worth adding to the game. Maybe if there were dinos that only spawned in nests? It’s basically just a normal spawn on a timer that you can pay a bit to get more of, that doesn’t really seem like it would fundamentally change the game very much.

To be clear, besides legendary and unique spawns, there isn’t anything bad about your nest idea. I just don’t see enough good about it to really make it worth implementing.

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Sounds nice

Only if I get to own a baby bumpy…