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Nest spawns and scents

Will an epic scent near a nest spawn have a chance to attract the epic that is supposed to spawn there? Specifically, if I go to an aquarium and use a scent, is it possible a turtle may show up? Anyone try this?

i dont think it works anymore. after the introduction of daily spawns, the way things are categorized changed what is able to spawn. ill try to dig up the article.

Ugh. Ok. I got an epic scent from todays tower and was trying to figure out how best to utilize it.

im planning on hanging out by any location with aquarium in the name… maybe ill get lucky

Turtles spawn at parks. Better chance there. However I heard scents were broke at parks.

you have to turn over every rock you can for this turtle. so parks and its nest which is aquariums.

Yeah, there’s a fairly well known aquarium nearby and was thinking of trying there if the scent worked. Oh well, guess I’ll try for more brachio sometime.

I’ve tried using a rare scent at a nest where rare Dracos are more likely to spawn. Auto repair, I think. Anyway all I got were local spawns.

My findings are scents dont attact nests at all. Surrounded by nests while at work… ive burned quite a few 5 minute scents never get anything then l1 spawns and the weekly dino.

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I work at a mechanic shop and there’s another right next to mine, both frequently spawn nest creatures. I’ve used scents there during breaks for months now and I can’t recall ever getting a nest spawn from them. Even while using them directly in the space where the nest spawn happens.

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I’ve tried to lure in Erlikos from bus stops with epic scent. All I get are the L4 Kentros sadly.