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Nest spawns for casinos?

Can we have nest spawns for casinos?
Not sure about what dinos should spawn though.

I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Kids play this game, and I’m sure the casino’s wouldn’t want underage people on their property.

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There are nest spawns for embassy, fire station, police station and hospitals too. It doesn’t mean people have to go inside…


It’s not just about going inside. Some casinos have outside areas that serve alcohol. Most places don’t allow anyone underage not just inside, but on the outside property as well. There’s also the whole “promoting gambling” thing. It’s a move I don’t think Ludia will make. It’s a little too controversial.

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Most of the location nests are at places that most cities/towns have. Casinos are not found everywhere and sometimes not even close to some cities/towns.

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Jeez… Ludia should scrap the game then because it “promotes” playing phone while driving…

It’s up to the players.

There are embassy and law office, I don’t think that’s the reasoning behind it.

I need someone from Las Vegas to hop into the conversation.

This would just end up being the PoGo thing again. Casinos will opt out of anything spawning there to keep non patrons off the property. Plenty of places have done it.

I also ask these questions:

  1. If you had or have a child that plays this game, would you be comfortable with them playing JWA alone on casino property? (This includes parking lots, gardens, outside patios, and golf courses)
  2. If you were the casino owner, do you want to be responsible for minors on your property when they are not allowed to be in areas serving alcohol? Would you want minors, in groups or otherwise, hanging out on your property potentially causing an issue that could result in legal action?

This is just something to think about before implementing the idea.

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Part of me: We don’t need to encourage Major Cities having an advantage over towns. That was one thing that made this game better than Pokemon Go. Some of the nests are already tipping things. Show me a Town with a population of 8,000 or less that has an Aquarium or Embassy.

The other part of me doesn’t want everything in the world sanitized and is waiting for Pokemon to allow stop submissions so I can try to get a Cigar Lounge added. :smiling_imp:

I was wondering where a person lives that doesn’t have a law office but then remembered this is an international game. Here in the U.S. a person would be hard pressed to find a city/town without a law office.

Actually I personally don’t have a problem with casino nests as long as the nest isn’t unique to only casinos.

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Gambling is forbidden in my country, which is a big one (Brazil)… There are no casinos here.

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It was a while before I realized Lythornax was a park spawn. There are so many law offices scattered around my little suburb that I’d randomly see them around often enough to think it was normal.

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They Will spawn dodging creatures because you know…gambling

I used to live in Vegas, it sucked. It’s way to hot and there’s hardly anything to do there except the strip which is blindly bright.

Isn’t it true that even if you are a minor, you can still go through casinos over there? Just that you have to be continuously moving through the building? I heard that somewhere, but want to know if it’s true.

What is a “Strip” …?

Yeah you can walk through the ones on the strip, but you can’t do the slot machines or all that stuff. Haven’t been to one outside of the strip so idk about those ones.

At least the ones I’ve been to, if you’re under age, you’re not allowed on the property. For most of them that’s 21. There was one casino in New York, I think it was the Seneca Niagara, that had an 18+ section.

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To put it simply, it’s the “night club” of Vegas. It’s where there is a good number of casinos and upscale hotels, shopping complexes, performance venues and restaurants. There’s also street performers in all varieties as well as amusement park rides and other attractions like fountains. The Strip basically has it all and is a major tourist destination in the US.

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