Nest Spawns

Hey All,

I’ve noticed a few different nests around town such as a Velo nest that i see during the day and also a Tarbo nest. Does anyone know if they are on a specific spawn rate or do they just randomly pop-up? Does anyone know if they are timed in anyway? I’ve noticed the Velo’s more during my morning commute, but see the tarbos bunch up at night.

Nest spawns work differently here then they do in pogo.

Tarbo nest spawns is he has a chance at spawning near resturaunts, also included in this nest are allos, trex both gens, gorgosaurus.

Another one is gas stations have a chance of spawns trike varients, einosauchus, and sino

Metahub has a good breakdown of nest spawns and such so id suggest hopping over and checking it out.