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Never announce a boost reset early again

Before I get eviscerated, doing boost resets is okay. Announcing them early is not! The abominations that have been created because there are no consequences are ridiculous. These are just some that I’ve faced in the last half hour trying to get 2 battle incubators

I will say I have been unboosted since 2.0 and I only grumble to myself about boosts. I understand they aren’t going anywhere and I’m okay with that. All I’m saying with this, is don’t announce boost resets until the release notes on the Friday before the Tuesday release

But 4 days isn’t a lot of time to experiment

It’s true, I’m one of those people I’m afraid. But I went from no boost team, to all boost team. Big difference

I tried out a boosted constrictor and a boosted gem for myself. liking the constrictor.

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Those are babies compared to what I face on a daily basis even before boost reset.
Look at them!

Didn’t face this one, but would be interesting if it had been picked for my opponent’s team …

That monk tho

How about this monster?

Dude what happened to screenshots :joy: :joy: :joy:

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It isn’t a screenshot, lol. I was playing on my iPad, and I’m logged in to the forums on my phone. So it’s a photo of a screenshot.

I see. A man ahead of his times :joy:


Confession: I am one of those people. Though it doesnt really make much of a difference. I barely have any boosts since I only buy them through the sales on occasion. It didnt even help me much.

That 9000 HP Gemini though

Field guide app says at Lvl 30 it would have 11000ish health!

Sad that it can’t bleed.

That’s the point

Just for context, I’m in low library, usually around 5100

I bounce between that and 5400, reached gyro once, stood no chance there.

pretty crap damage though. Slow too if I am not wrong

At lvl 30 maxxed health it has 10k health and 2.1k damage. Will have some trouble with high damage chompers. Grypholyth will slowly kill this.