Never gave me my purchase


So I leveled up and the game offered me a special x4 deal for $10. I decided to purchase the offer and everything seemed to be alright until after I bought it and I never received it. I waited about a hour and still nothing happened so I went to the in app help and support hit contact and sent a message saying what had happened, and within 5 min I had a response saying to be patient they were have a lot of backup from other purchases so I waited. I waited A whole 24 hours before I tried contacting them again but this time I got no reply so I decided to wait a few more days still nothing so I tried to contact them again and still no reply, and now after a week and a half of trying to get ahold of them I still have yet to receive a reply from them. I’ve sent them pictures of my receipt showing that I purchased the item and they still have yet to reply and say that they are trying to fix the issue.
All I want is either what I paid for a refund simple as that.


Hey Chadwick, I’m sorry to hear that you have not received a response from our staff yet. I know you may have heard this before, but our team is getting a much larger volume of tickets than anticipated. They are working as fast as possible to get through each player who needs our assistance. I would also recommend not replying to your ticket, as that can reset your position in the queue.


I think it’s funny because I haven’t received my purchase either and I haven’t received any contact. And what’s even funnier is Google Play won’t refund purchases even when this company won’t contact you back because it’s outside of their policy guidelines. This is ridiculous. If I would have known I wasn’t going to receive my purchase I never would have made the purchase in the first place and I’m certainly disgusted with the fact that all I have received is a generic message that has nothing to do with my question or concern.


It shouldn’t be reset whenever you send a purchase to customer support. you need to fix that issue as well then because the fact that we are contacting you multiple times to get an issue fixed and you can’t fix it it makes it impossible to enjoy playing the game. there should be no reason for it to be reset because it shouldn’t take forever for customer support to respond to their customers. I’m extremely upset I’m changing my ratings I’ve contacted Google Play which says that your game is out of policy for them to be able to refund anything. This needs to be fixed