Never getting cash from supply drops


This cannot be coincidence at this point. One day I reached my “daily” cash limit and ever since I’ve not received any cash from any out of hundreds of supply drops. Sad to see this game is just another shameless cash grab with no available support whatsoever. I don’t necessarily expect free cash but it’s sitting there in the rewards list taunting us so it should be obtainable otherwise that’s just deception.


Yeah, I suffer the same fate. Ever since Day 1 when it came out, I’ve never gotten cash from a Supply Drop (even second attempts drop nothing). Though it is nice to have darts and as much coins as you can get; I hear coins get harder to obtain as you get stronger.


I’ve got the vip and had no cash, only advantage is the battery life which l can see so far!

I will not re new my vip as it’s not worth it


May wanna keep it around for Indoraptor though. And Blue. I’m almost considering getting it just for that XD


Whoa. Are you saying those two dinosaurs are going to be only available for VIPs??


No no, they’re 100% available for everyone, haha! I was just saying to keep it around 'cause the VIP status increases the drone’s battery life and distance. Everyone’s gonna want them, lol.


I think she is referring to the extended battery life for VIP during the indoraptor and blue events this weekend can ensure you dart more DNAs.
The cash thingy is luck-based… just spin many many many supply drops… for VIP higher chance because the cash is both in the 2nd and 3rd sets… non-VIPs only the 2nd set. As a vip member I almost never get the 2nd set cash, mainly get the cash on the 3rd


I have gotten cash twice. Both from event spin boxes. Never from normal boxes.