Never got pre-order crate

I registered a while ago, started playing as soon as it went live, got the notification that my pre-order crate would be in my mailbox yesterday, but it never showed up. What do I do?

I never got mine either.

Add me to that list…

Hey all!

Best you can do right now is contact support. Click on the link below, good luck!

So it said that I got my pre-registration gift, but nothing showed up in my mailbox nor did I get anything after the message quickly disappeared.

I’ve contacted support in-game for a couple of issues, getting boilerplate “we’ll get back to you” replies - understandable as the game has just launched & they’re prolly overwhelmed.

Yeah. A week or 2 / 3 ago the download amount was at 1000 - 2000 downloads. In a matter or weeks it skyrocketed… to 1mil. And it isn’t even launched officially. So i understand the frustration but patience is key unfortunately. Hopefully everything will get sorted soon!! :slight_smile:

Honestly though, the crate wasn’t anything that you would want to pay for with actual money. It had about 50 cash, 50,000 coin, and some DNA for the dinosaur that you picked in the beginning.

Was this real? I preregistered and was unaware of a gift…

I was never aware of a gift… I pre-reged the pre-reg hit the store and never got nor was informed of anything special.

Hey PhoenixUnity, the gifts were given to players who had pre-registered for the game, if you had pre-registered, they would have been sent to your in-game mailbox on May 30th. However, the gifts would expire if it was not claimed the week following May 30th. Sadly, we can’t offer another opportunity to claim these pre-registration gifts. In the future, we recommend that our players contact our support team with their support key right away if they’re having an issue opening the mailbox rewards.

Our support team can be reached here at

Hahaha I did not even know they have offer like this :cry::cry::cry:

Well, that pretty much sucks. xD

Gah. Well, they nerf Quetzorion to be even WORSE but they refuse to nerf procrera.

Necro-posting (reviving old threads).