Never had I had so many stuns failing

And that’s saying something… Stuns have always seemed broken but they seem to have outdone themselves… Since 2.2 dropped it feels like the 75% stun chance of striking moves actually mean the chance of FAILING! Is this happening to anyone else??


I feel ya, I failed 6 stuns in a row yesterday. :weary:


I haven’t made one in the past 7 battles… And I have a good amount of stunners


That’s why I don’t rely on half half resistances in my team they never worked out

Immunity to stuns is broken too. Erlikospyx is supposed to have 75% stun immunity in yet Thor stuns it with instant rampage practically every time. So annoying!


give all stun moves 100% chance to stun

Sarco will be unbreakable in epic hybrid tournament lol, but we should remove some resistant to stun.

I had no problems with stuns. They seemed all right and the resistances seemed balanced and working

Because thats how ludia fails

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Whoa. Finally, someone who sees the truth for what it is.

Definitely not! Stun is too frequent and too annoying to be allowed to be 100%


I don’t use stunners so I haven’t noticed anything

I was wondering if it was just me, or if Tryko has a secret stun resistance.

My 75% stunners have been failing against Tryko so often since the last update (leading to a great big, lethal chomp) that it definitely feels like (significantly) less than a 50% chance.

Sometimes my rinex just refuses to stun opp dinos, in multiple battles in a row. Tho I have benefitted as well, when a thor instant charge failed on my tryko, and is taken out. The stun % or resistance for that matter, imo doesn’t really mean anything, as there is no way to figure out the accuracy.

I kinda feel like spinoconstrictor also may have a secret stun resistance. Almost every time someone uses a stun against him, it almost never works. The snek gets stunned at least 2/5 times, and every time it does get stunned(whenever its quicker), I always get skip turn pop up. I have never been able to get the faster enemy to skip turn when I stun em, gotta love how stun works!

I just had 75% stuns failing four times in three matches in a row! Seriously, whatahell?..

My record is 6 or 7 of the 75% ones failing in a row.
I’m on a fairly good run of success today, so will keep quiet!

When my rinex uses instant charge, I just mentally prep myself the stun will fail, in fact I just treat it as a priority move with no stun. bcoz if it works, I would be much more happier, so yea tats how I play now lol

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13 matches. I have utahrinex and Thor on my team. How many stuns did I land? 5, 5 out of roughly 20. Seems to have a 75% fail rate lmao

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