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Never landing stun tragodist


Every time i battle a indoraptor with My tragodist i expirience the Same problem. I choose superior strike to take over the turn. Than i land a stun. I See the animation that te indo is stunned. But then every time the indo wakes up and kicks my ASS ;-). The stun NEVER holds! And when i use a monostegotops than stunning is No problem. I reported This to ludia butt the couldnt find any glitches. Curious if you Guy’s noticed sutch problems??


No, it’s not a glitch, it’s all correct.

Your SS only slows down the Indor for 1 turn. Then next turn you go first and you stun the Indor, the Indor misses its turn and can’t take whatever move your opponent has selected. Next turn, Indor wakes up and is faster again, so it goes first.


With Tragodistis, SS slows down Indo for only one turn. Then when you stun it, it skips that turn in which it is slowed.

With Monostegotops, when you use slowing impact, it is slowed for 3 turns. So slowing and then stunning means you stun it on turn 2, and you can also go first on turn 3.

So it is working as intended.


Thanks for the helpfull reactions Guy’s :wink: i reather go for rampage in the future battles lol. Enjoy the game :ok_hand:


Agree with everything @TheOneSpark said. To add to it, if you can predict the indo going to evasive stance and Trago’s stun procs, then you will have indo frozen the next turn. This is when to do SS that way when it “wakes up” the next turn, you’ll be faster and can Rampage. Indo will be in evading stance throughout all of these turns. If I’m really lucky, I’ll hit 2/3, but this matchup generally goes poorly for my Trago. Not a favorable matchup, but sometimes you have to work with what’s available.


Never go SS -> stun if you’re slower.

If you stun (and it lands) -> SS - > Rampage (or whatever), you basically can hit 3 times in a row.


Tips are Very helpfull. Thanks again :+1:


I live for doing that.

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The proper order of moves in that scenario would be Rampage>Stun>Superiority Strike. It’s not a glitch but it can be confusing why you don’t get to go right after your stun, it’s just the way the speed system works.


And then rampage again babyyyyyy

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The problem with Rampage>Stun>SS is that you get hit before and after Rampage, and are dead.

The proper method is SS>Rampage, then you die.