Never realize how big is Quetzalcoatlus until


This birdy is really really big tho :rofl:


One of the largest, if not the largest animal ever to take flight. Ever.


Wingspan: 30 - 39 feet

Height: as tall as a giraffe

Weight: estimated at 150 lbs, due to hollow bones and very light skeletal structure.


Seriously, it was the size of a fighter jet!!


Just watch this for more information


Some of the Azdharchids even ate sauropod hatchlings! Hatzegopteryx is an example. It lived on an island in what is now Transylvania, Romania. Hatzeg Island was home to very unusual dinosaurs who had adapted to living in an isolated environment with a limited amount of food - they were dwarf dinosaurs. A full grown dwarf sauropod on Hatzeg was the size of a pony. Hatzegopteryx was the apex predator here, as it wasn’t restricted by geographical boundaries. It could fly from island to island.

Hatzegopteryx fed on these sauropods, as well as other small dinosaurs on these islands. It was literally “death from above”.


The real life Toruk. (Last Shadow).


I remember hearing that from BBC’s “Planet dinosaur” series


I have that entire series. Wish i had the companion book for it.


Same, when a documentary about Dinosaurs or pterosaurs appears I always rush to find it and download it


So far I have 3 complete series, Walking With Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Britain, and Planet Dinosaur. I also have the WWD movie, and a film called March of the Dinosaurs.

Looking for the one you posted the clip from. David Attenborough might not be a paleontologist, but he’s a top-shelf presenter.


I have walking with dinosaurs, planet dinosaur, dinosaur planet (a discovery Channel documentary series) and dinosaur revolution; while with pterosaurs documentaries there’s flying monsters and conquest of the skies


Fun fact:
Walking with dinosaurs 3D and March of the dinosaurs are focused on the migration of the artic dinosaurs, the only thing that differences them is that walking with dinosaurs focuses on a pachyrhinosaurus called patch while March of the dinosaurs focuses on a an edmontosaurus called scar (as well as a troodon called patch)


Yeah, I noticed the similarity in the two. It’s kinda hard to miss. LOL

At least March of the Dinosaurs didn’t have John Leguizamo’s annoying commentary throughout.


I have the full 3D version of the WWD movie, and my nephew loves it. The part right before the credits, where the Gorgo punches through the screen and roars in your face scared the crap out of him, the poor little guy.


I agree, I think there should be a thread about dinosaur documentaries related to dinosaurs on JWA, but I think it may be a bad (as well as a stupid) idea


The new book I just got from Barnes and Noble has 300 dinos in it, including quite a few from JWA.

It’s called Dinosaurs: the Grand Tour, by Kieron Pim and Jack Horner.



That’s the face of a happy man. :joy:


You bet! This is one of the best recent field guide books on Dinos that I’ve read in a while!