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Never sell your boost back, it is the worst thing you can do in the game

Ludia included in this last update a way to sell your boost back and get half of those boost back to use again on another dinosaur.
Doing the math, it might be the worst thing you can do in the game.
Boost are limited. Sure it looks like there is a slow drizzle of boost coming your way, but the developers have indicated they want you to get an average of 100 boost a week, and sales are infrequent and limited
Boost are expensive. Really really expensive. Currently 50 boost cost 1000 Hard Cash (our green in game currency) and 100 boost cost 2000 hard cash.
If you buy 7000 hard cash for 49.99 that is $14.30 USD for 100 boost.
100 boost could also cost you 1 week of play time.

When would you sell your boost back to reuse them in the developers mind and it might seem fair?
You made a mistake and put a single boost on the wrong dinosaur.
From the dev teams point of view, this is not a big deal, and allows customer service to blow off a person who accidentally invested into that dinosaur with a nice form letter, of dear customer sell it back and have a nice day we won’t refund you. This is a huge cost savings from their perspective. Instead of the customer service person working hard to make a customer happy, they can now move on to other issues, with just a form letter.

The reason why you should not sell it back in this case, is chances are that dinosaur might be used in one of those special weird tournaments and that boost might be the difference maker of winning or losing.
Also it was a week of game play lost and you only gain back 3 to 4 days.

Now what about how the development team claims to have really designed it for, with changing up your boost layout on a dinosaur?
When you have your dinosaur at its maximum boost capacity of 30 but you want to change that layout on how it is designed from say 15/15/0 to 15/13/2. The problem with that is you still lose a week of hard earned game play and/or spent $14.30.
You are also behind on resources permanently against other people, because boost gain is still limited, and you have to trust Ludia won’t ever re-balance again.

Other things the team hinted at. You want to change dinosaurs for something better.
They would want you to sell 3000 boosts to get back 1500, to play another dinosaur.
This will cost you about 100 USD dollars (15000 hard cash) and the 3.75 months it took you to accumulate that amount of boost.
It is not just money, but also time lost. This game is a time sink, as it is, so this makes this move very painful.

To be competitive you normally need to have your dinosaurs at comparable levels and comparable boost levels.
Selling boost will drop you down, in competition no matter what you do unless you have excess boost.
To get the excess of boost it would take players about 4 years to get more than 24,000 boost as designed.
You would have to also trust Ludia that the dinosaur you are investing in won’t get nerfed, and the dinosaur you are selling boost off of, won’t get buffed later.
Almost every dinosaur in this game has had it’s stats changed due to re-balancing at least once.
New dinosaurs will be introduced and they will be better due to the inevitable power creep most games have, and people will be tempted to upgrade. Sadly, nobody will be able to use them, because they don’t have the boost to make them competitive, and even if they did, you have to worry about the risk that Ludia will re-balance them later.

What is lost, can never be regained.
Eventually, it can be safe to assume that Ludia will reset boost again for some other type of re-balancing, but sadly, what you destroyed will not come back to you. Enjoy the customer service thank you very much form letter.
Ludia may notice nobody plays the new powerful dinosaurs due to lack of competitiveness (not enough boost) and/or actually listen to players, and give an item as a reward or a small hard cash cost that resets a dinosaurs boost to zero and you don’t lose anything.

So never sell boost back. Instead inundate Ludia with feedback on why this is horrible.


you lose $1000 hc for every reset. boost wisely

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If there’s any boost I’d sell, it’s speed. Most of my team doesn’t really need them, and as such I have piled up way more of them (289 left after spending on Erlikospyx) and most of the time I get speed from incubators. I could trade 2 speed out of stuff that doesn’t need it, in exchange for room for 2 hp or 2 attack and a return of 1 speed tier. But other than speed, yeah they’re rare for me.

I want to know why they took my boosts that I already had…grrrrrr

Speed is the one boost that may be worth it!

How do you figure that it’s the one that you don’t need?

I’m genuinely puzzled.

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In my case, this is my team:

Erlikospyx is T7 on speed.
Erlidom’s role is mainly rat and Thor executioner. Does not need much speed for that. I’ll maybe add 2 tiers of speed since she’s heavy attack (T13 so far) and T10 HP.
Kapro has T4 speed, may even swap for HP later on, depending on performance.
Carnotarkus will most likely go T20 HP, T10 attack.
Tenonto will be T10 HP, T20 attack.
Ardonto will be swapped with Ardentis, who will get T10 HP, T20 attack.
Utasino will be swapped with Utarinex T3 HP, T7 speed, and T 20 attack, or may sacrifice some attack to gain more speed or HP, depending on need.
Noodle Titan will be swapped with Geminititan, which will get T10 HP, T20 attack.

I agree 100%.
It’s better to just save them on benched dinos for special tournaments or the meta swings back into a dinos favor.
I’d spend hard cash to get them back (A lot actually), but boosts are way to limited to waste. It’s the most valuable resource in the game.

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