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Never thought I would run this out


Out of all the DNA I should be worrying about, stego is probably one of the least. And yet…


Yeah, I did the same before with the 500 a pop. Now I shoot every dino I possibly can. I was passing over dinos I felt I already had enough DNA for or was just tired of shooting at. After that experience I quickly realized never enough DNA for any dino.


Yea I want to get stegodeus ro 19 before I go on to get that challenge


Haha same here. My stegodeus is level 20 though now and won’t probably have coins to ever level it to 21 :rofl:


How much it cost to reach level 21?


I used about 22k Stego DNA when I leveled my Stegoceratops to 26, and now I’m almost ready for level 27. It was almost 50k Stegosaurus DNA for those 2 levels. And my Stegodeus is a 24. I pretty much have to get 5-10k Stego DNA every day. Some days I skip it entirely though because I don’t feel like doing it.


50.000 coins and I’m super dry now :man_shrugging:t4:


Stego & Velo dna are precious. I dart every stego & velo I meet. But then again, I dart everthing in range. :joy::joy::joy:
I have over 62K Apato and Deino dna. Even Allo & Tarbo is approaching 55K dna. What I really need is coins…


Expecting a migration and this new Arena after the tournament. Something very common will become very uncommon. Really worried it might be Steg also Apotosaurus.

10 days to dart everything I guess.


I’ve met it and it was pretty stacked with 2 crits (5%) and a minimal stun (10%) in one battle :scream: