Never thought I'd hate Warcry so much

Due to the new spirit generation bug with AI, doing any fights with double Warcry against you is SO irritating. They will have their special ability ready to use almost one round after they just used it, because if you attack them or anything else with moderate or higher spirit speed, it will take their bar from 0% to about 80%-90% which gets topped off naturally when their turn comes around.

Currently stuck unable to progress through my level because I’m vs two Flank-Tankers healing every 1-2 rounds and two Warcrys spamming me down to 0% spirit even on my fast/very fast dragons. Please fix this bug, it’s seriously annoying to deal with when it comes to any dragons that can heal, AOE (deletes teams in a few rounds before you even get your first special, mainly Charsoul AI,) and lower your spirit.


Agree. Enemy dragons are gaining Spirit too quickly. Ludia please fix this.


how about against 2 5 star whispering deaths?
the warcry isnt that difficult to deal with.

It’s not a bug. It’s a combat redesign and it’s here to stay. Warcry is nothing compared to Tricky, Shifty, Sawmaw, Skrillcrusher and many other dragons, who simply can not be allowed to use abilities. Warcry is just a nuisance.