Never underestimate the long neck noodle; again

Even after receiving a full hit impact after use it strike and run on indom even after being stunned twice, and even after receiving another impact he might Noodle came in clutch and won me the game.
image image image image


I thought this would be a Titanoboa appreciation post :snake::snake::snake:


Sadly not the snake is just too rare

They also suck more than this guy almost

How about a Nodopatotitan and a Titanoboa appreciation post at once?


I know this is off topic, but would Maxima be King Noodle? Lol

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Lol nope especially after the nerf that goes to Geminititan

I mean unless they add another noodle hybrid

Never know they just might. Mimenchasaurus would be interesting.

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It had a neck longer than its body…mamenchisaurus


Now that is interesting

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The urge to make a dad joke about this creature is astounding

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Well it would be quite a stretch
However it would be putting its neck on the line if it was in the game.


If they do add it in, and give it a new rig for whatever reason, Omeisaurus also has the really long neck, so that would be another possibility.

Still better than Smilocephalosaurus.