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Nevermind... I'm blind

Update: yeah, I’m blind. The separation between arenas has the chest info at the bottom and not the top. So, disregard…

So, I got a blue chest from level 2 arena. But, something is not matching up. The chest under information says that it should have:

GOLD 189-227
Cards 57

However the chest I got that says level 2 arena chest on it has different information. It says:

Gold 133-160
Cards 40

You can see it in the screenshots

Here is the information for arena 2 chests

Here is what I actually have.

It’s really hard enough to get gold in this game and it is a nasty bottle neck… But to have info and actual be totally different is not cool :frowning:

Screenshot 1 is for arena 3 chests, screenshot 2 is arena 2

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Oh crap… The separation of the different arenas have the chests at the bottom… :roll_eyes: when I thought I was clicking on the arena 2 chests it was actually arena 3… And then I didn’t even look at the screenshots :frowning: my mistake…