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New 1.15 or small update?

Cant acces the game.


Yeah what the heck?

got the same message just now.

My game crashed mid fight. I glad I’m not the only one it says it’s ok fix.

I was going to dart a turtle and then the purple radar appeared and boom, lost it

I started an incense! :expressionless:

Yeah I had troubles to get in… some 10110 some error. Restart phone and then this happend.

Same message here. Wonder what’s happening

nothing on their FB or twitter page about this.

Yep … had the same purple radar.

I hope this is 1.15. I wouldn’t mind this kind of a surprise

When Ludia finds a bug that could benefit players.


The same thing happens to me, they say they are under maintenance.

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But … hang on ppl … did I miss the notes from 1.15 then?

Only Ludia would do this and not even give a heads up… smh


Probably just some server side error. They wouldn’t release the patch without notes


wait, how is everyone getting error 10057, I’m getting error 10010

We missed a few things for 1.15 if that was the case.

No they haven’t come out. This may be a surprise update or they are just fixing an important bug

I got 3 different erros, think it’s normal