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New 1.7 Hybrids - Viable or not?


So, I currently have Erlikospyx L22 (Tier 2 health and damage) on my team - its a little under levelled but works … mostly.

The others are: Ardonotosaurus L17 & Purutaurus L16

Does anyone have any views yet on whether its worth over levelling them or just accumulate DNA for a future hybrid - both seem to have quite decent kit :thinking:

Geminitatan just needs a little more Diplo …


Purutaurus is really good. I only got one friendly in with my spyx so far so haven’t been able to test it much but I’m unsure if it can keep up with Erlidominus or dilorach. The koolabourgiana thing doesn’t do nearly enough damage. Spinononyx (sp?) doesn’t seem bad. The immune sauropod seems pretty good too.

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