New 1.7 Tier List Available on Metahub

If anyone is interested, Metahub posted the official 1.7 tier list


Let me know which dino placings surprised you. Mine was Grypolyth now a top tier


Not surprised thor being placed back to tyrant

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Tbh, with this boosting system, tier list doesn’t matter too much.


Edmontoguanadon being mid apex is surprising to me. Like what’s Tropic horse even do?

That sucker can live for quite a long time if used properly. That and it got a recent HP buff, so that helped it out more


It does, because it indicates what dinosaurs are overpowered.

Literally all I see are those 7 being boosted to no end, and with the exception of Magna, they do so because they are inherently unbalanced.


Might need to level mines up some lol. He seems interesting.

If youd like my opinion, we should boost Magna up to try and fight back against boosted thor lol. It’s basically the best option against it. Has distraction and immunity, as well as decent damage and crit chance.

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It is basically a zombie that keeps on escaping with a shiver of health and keeps coming back with a lot more. It can rack up serious damage that way as well as effectively tank multiple turns.


Any overpowerd Apexes are Tryants. Period.



And I personally seriously dislike the term “Tyrant”. It’s not a tier. It is being broken without saying the truth.


unless you boost their counters up

that was fast commenting!

I feel like thats the problem we’re running into regarding the boosts (aside from the recent exploit once more -_-). We’re so worried about all the tyrants getting boosted AF. What we should do is boost their counters up so they don’t get far.

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Being overpowered =/= not having counters.

Just because something can be killed, it can still abuse a mechanic or rack up that ammount of damage, that will inherently put it into an undeserved advantage.


Not sure how it is related to what I meant.

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Take this for example

Indoraptor has a hard time against a fresh monostegotops and usually loses unless it was weakened beforehand (or it crits a rampage). Boosted indoraptor would obviously make the counter irrelevant, leading to RNG shenanigans with dodgers (which we all know isn’t fun). But if you boosted up that monostego and it was put against that boosted indoraptor, it would be a much better fight for mono since it would be actually be able to do something (unless, again, RNG says no).

Same would go with Magna and Utarinex/Utahsinoraptor. Those two are the best bets at removing Thor and Tryko, so with those two being very commonly overboosted, it would make sense to invest in their counters to be able to have a chance instead of being ran over

boosted or not, “Alita” will never beat a monostegotops; I know this because evey time i face a monostegotops she never survives even if that monostegotops is low level AND NOT BOOSTED

Don’t get me wrong, Im not encouraging boosts as a whole from my statements. I want them gone just as badly, and have even begun to give up on my incubators. Im just stating what I think would make the most sense for the time being, thats all :slight_smile: