New 1.7 Tier List Available on Metahub

Your counter theory has nothing to do with what I said that any apexes can be tryants. It’s not just about counters, for example:

L40 faster Utarinex can easily kill L30 Megna. Utarinex is not a megna counter but overpowered one is a tyrant although the list puts it in apex.

So, I’m saying, tier list doesn’t matter too much now because of the boosts. Overpowered dinos are all tryants.

That’s also why the list is based on non-boost result.


Thor was never Tyrant technically. Definitely in the right spot now though.

Must’ve read that wrong then. Sorry if I gave you a hard time.

Yes, with boosts, Tyrant would be overcrowded, like you said lol. Plus the tier list doesn’t factor in boosts, so theres that. Maybe we should suggest a boosted tier list?

Im using it currently. I can say she’s definitely a really good dino. Has speed control, stunnage, nullify, regen and run. Plus swap in stun can be a troll if rng is in your favor

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Why a boosted list? There is no need and it’s impossible.

First, you don’t know what tier people will level up to. If you assume all tier 10, the result will be the same as the current tier list. Some people may spend loads to get to tier 10 but most of us maybe just level it to tier 7-8. You can’t compare.

Second, most overpowered dinos can be useful. You can’t say things for certain.

The current list is helpful for people to decide which dino is good. But under the boost system, the boundaries are slim.

Maybe the boosted list is:

Tryant: tier 9-10 dinos
Apex: tier 7-8 dinos

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That’s like saying - “Levels make all tier lists irrelevant cause you never have two dinos at the same level.”

Boosts are levels. They’re levels split into 3 parts. Eventually we will all hit a stalling point and the differences between these dinos will become extremely relevant while we all wait to save up 250 or 500 or 1000 tokens to boost to the next level. And when we hit cap? Tier list matters.

Also - all the tournaments so far have been even levels… also a reason tier lists matter.

Anywho. :smiley: Just my opinion.

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you’re not wrong. Until then, we’ll be in overboosted hell

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A “boosted list” could tell you what creatures benefit most from being boosted. Not so much a full tier list but more of a “what works best boosted” list 🤷

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I know what you mean. That’s why I said, the list doesn’t matter too much NOW under the boost system. It will take quite a long time for people to reach the same boost level. Besides, you really think most of us will hit tier 10? Few will most will not. Few will level Utarinex to tier 10 and its a tyrant not an apex.

What’s more, when people hit the stalling point, 1.8 will likely be out then and we will have a new list.

I am not saying the list is not helpful. It does. I said that. People can decide which dino is useful and which one to invest in. It’s just, currently, with unlimited boosts issue out there, any overpowered dinos are tryants in the arena. It won’t change for a long time unless ludia does something about it.

Btw, you have been quiet about today’s unlimited boost issue. I hope you talked to ludia and suggested something.


The current list helps you decide which dinos to boost … the boosts all increase by percentage. I don’t understand why a boosted list will make a difference.

Not necessarily. Some could benefit more from being boosted and help with their matchup against others. It might surprise you. Especially when you only have so many boosts and trying to figure out what to invest in. Example: I don’t think Thor and Tryko benefit as much from speed boosts as Dilorach/Erlidom does.

Your example is wrong. You are not looking at a big picture. I admit that now boosts should be used on those fast dinos but in the long run, you will realize your Thor may be slower than others’ tryko and you lose some of the battles. Eventually, you have to boost all the stats.

And what you said was more about how to prioritize the boosts and that has nothing to do with a boosted dino tier list.

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Glad to hear this. I agree. I do think it is very useful but I do think boosts mix this up a fair amount and will for some time.

I sure did. MetaHub has a great working relationship with Ludia and desires nothing more than the success of this game. We continually report suspect accounts, report glitches and exploits, and share our strong opinions, both positive and negative, with decisions that are made.


That’s good to know! Hopefully they will address how to solve today’s issue and make the arena more balanced.


Would love to hear your argument for this one.That Rinex is Tyrant.

Why is not? I already gave the example in one of the comments. Go back and read thanks!

If you can’t find it, do the maths yourself.

Tier 10 Utarinex (damage 2826 health 6564 and speed 176) vs Tier 8 Megna

Who wins?

Again, tier 10 is hard to reach when many of us probably will be around tier 8.

Ridiculous that Dracorat is that high. I get dna for it while I’m sleep. Its not wrong, I’m just saying the fact that its tyrant because of its cheap shots and easy to get dna it shouldn’t be that high. I like mine to warm the bench it needs a nerf. Wish I could delete it out my list or trade its dna.

Really like my Tenrex though added a few boosts. I like that dino a lot!


great! now i have 4 tyrant in team hahahaha.

unfortunately, my proceratho gone from apex high to mid. :confused: together with indominus. i agree with this classification anyway.

and yes, my suchotator is now side by side in list with spinotasuchos, hehehe. but i only did this change thanks to speed boost.

i hope thor is not there due to stat boosts… because they claim to analyze stock creatures (“without boosts”).

Oh I was hoping you could argue Rinex for Tyrant without boosts. Since that’s what the tier list after all.

It isn’t up there because of boosts. It was highly debated last patch and almost made it to Tyrant. It was pretty much unanimous this time around.

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