New 1.7 Tier List Available on Metahub

no cenozoic in apex or tyrant… of course. :confused:

Same lvl Magna wins against Utarinex as it has higher base speed and can distract Utarinex.

I know we had asked for variety and would like to see more legendaries in the high apex/tyrant tiers. That isn’t on metahub though. Great job to those involved!

Perfect list way to go guys…

Tuora for tyrant! :smile:

The whole argument was, with the boost system, the current tier list doesn’t matter too much … because probably all tier 10 apexes are tyrants. :tipping_hand_man:

Even with boosts, we see the same old faces all the time in the arena. And that’s not gonna change. Most players will boost “tyrants”, so they stay tyrant. Besides, eventually everyone will have every creature maxed (if the game doesn’t die first). So in the end their “power level” (tier) still matters.

That’s why I said, NOW the tier doesn’t matter too much under the boost system and I also explained it’s very unlikely everyone gets to tier 10 and a tier 10 Utarinex is a tryant compared to most tier 8 Megnas that most people will have.

Anyway, I have said enough in this thread. The list is helpful for people to know what dino is useful. But the boundaries between each tier is slim now because of the boosts.

How come Metahub has an AI that actually works…? :thinking:


I was wondering about that when the article said they had a simulator to test these battles. I’d quite like to try that simulator.

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Magna is my new favourite creature; L24 (5/5/4) - when it goes on a crit spree it is a thing of true beauty (plus love the little shudder it does) :heart: So many people are ignorant of its move set as well which is a bonus.

Ready to take to L25 - just need some more coin - not helped by accidently taking Nodopat to L16 this morning when trying to fuse epic DNA for missions; got a 70 which took me over and I couldn’t stop myself hitting the button again :rage: I have a 24 hour cooking right now and that along with today’s tower should give me the coin.

Sadly had to take L30 Tator-the-Boosted off my team (my previous favourite) as it upset the matchmaking too much (24-28 team now); stuck around 4600-4700 but playing enjoyable battles (mostly) and pretty easy to get my daily incubators.

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Kinda surprised spyx is that high up there.

I like Erlikospyx for its moveset, minimal speed-up strike, lethal wound, 75% distraction (2 turns) and most importantly precise rampage which bypasses evasive and cloak and has only a 1 turn cooldown. Mine is L22 100/150 - if I could get it to L23 I would probably try it out. When I was playing a L20-L22 team recently it was a key member.

Nope, not really.

So I took the Tyrant Dinos and checked where you could get them and this was the result:

Dino Dino1 Dino2 Dino1.1 Dino1.2
Dilorach Dilorano Deino(local1) Dilopho(local1) Ourano(local2)
Draco Draco(local2) Tricera(local3)
Erlido Indo rex Erli(local3) T-Rex(global) Velo(global)
Erlko Spinonyx Erlikosa gen2(local2) Spinosa gen2(local3) Baryonyx gen2(Arena)
Magna Pyrritator Dimetr(local3) Pyrroraptor(local2) Irritator(arena)
Thor Allosinosau Tarbo(global) Allosa(local3) Sino(local1)
Tryk Ankyntro T-Rex(global) Ankylo(global) Kentro(local1)

It’s fun to live in local 4…

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Sino is now in L3 and the golden bird is in L1.

Ok, It’s prob not updated on metahubs dinodex then(hrmpf :wink: ) but that didn’t help me anyways :frowning:

I’ll take Tragodistis over that entire top row of Apex. I dont understand why it doesn’t get more love. I still don’t get the love for Dilo? I’ve never found it to be all that useful. So many things on that level matchup better against it. I have mine at level 23 and it is still on my bench. I’ll take Trago over that one too.

Also, some creatures get better than others when boosted. Movesets and immunity being super important there. A solid diverse moveset and immunity is perfect for boosting (magna) or a pristine specialist (Thor or Erlido). I’m nervous to boost Draco cause it’s a prime candidate for a nerf. Tryko being the best countering dino makes him solid to boost. I really like how my boosted utarinex plays out against the tyrants overall. So for me Utarinex, Magna, Thor, Erlidom, Tryko, and Tragodistis get my boosts. Indoraptor gets what’s left as he is still very relevant.

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:+1: to your immunity argument; I have Magna (L24 5/5/4), Erlidom (L27 4/4/3) and Tryo (L26 3/3/2) on my team.

Edit: finally got enough coin to level Magna to L25 started fusing … 10 20 30 50 70 :scream: 40 … on 220/300 already with 1299 Irritator DNA in the bank and one more to dart … :smile: Could L26 be possible?

Immunity :ballot_box_with_check:
High damage :ballot_box_with_check:
Carnage :ballot_box_with_check:


Hey @Colin_Goodman ! I actually built the simulator. Right now it’s a local desktop app so I need to run it. Is there something specific you want to check out?