New 1 bux pack

Actually if you think about it if u sign up for the bux membership than you will get 50 bux a day and buy 50 packs a day and get about 1000 s DNA so it’s kinda good

Are you talking about the 1 DB pack for Fidelity members?

It’s a one-time purchase for 1 DB. You can’t repeat for 50 packs for 50 DBs.


Oh I didn’t know that thanks and sorry

Lol , I saw that offer too and I was ready to join fidelity, thinking that I could buy 2000 packs and with the loyalty points they would give me to buy any VIP creature I want . But then I saw the "only one left " . This is a very smart way for Ludia to trick us and pay for fidelity, for an almost garbage offer …

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