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New 3 Day Raid/Rally

Hi all, I believe that they cut the number of required rooms in half, given our guild’s current room count and percentage complete, it’s about 900 rooms to finish. So half time, half rooms it seems. Any thoughts on this new combined event?

Arcane Knights


They also took away the legendary reward. So my opinion is, it sucks.


I like the idea of a shorter event, but don’t like the way they stack all the events at the same time. It feels like either feast or famine for events.

Agreed - another nail in the coffin for the game, they have ruined the one feature of the game I looked forward to every month. Running through the raid with guildmates to unlock a legendary and then the silverhand.

The regular raid and prize will still occur, this is an extra event.


I appreciate the extra event, but please make sure it is identified as such when posted, so we don’t have the masses up in arms over it. :innocent:

Don’t forget half the prizes

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Yup. It might be a regular raid, but it’s certainly not a regular prize.

My thoughts are. They should have said something.

Including about the decreased rewards too.

I have a guild full of 50 new people I’m trying to show the game to in a positive light.

Posting a Raid at the same time as a Rally and reducing the rewards we wait for all month.

No further comment

As mentioned above, the normal raid with prizes is still occurring. The reduced rewards are based on the shortening of the event.
Apologies for not communicating earlier.

In top of top having Anvil as the boss?!? There’s no strategy and it’s an exercise of frustration. Same here - have new members and want to show the positives of the game but I can’t even get past room 3 sometimes.

Agreed. I have members who want to “rage quit” due to the level of frustration from the boss. A lot of us also pay for the VIP.
@Keith Do better.

No disrespect @Keith but why would Ludia be stingy about rewards on a one-off event? Reduced rooms sure, but it’s still a difficult raid. You literally had to code in the mechanics to reduce the gear amounts, when they could have just simply been left as is and maintained a happier playerbase.

In the now infinite gear levels (especially when it comes to legendaries), is a single additional legendary item for a few hundred people even going to make a ripple? If anything it may spur interest in buying packs, because it gets players one item closer to an upgrade.

All you have to do as a company is just loosen up a little bit and you’ll reap the benefits here. You still have a core playerbase that has remained loyal. Players obtaining 1 additional legendary isn’t going to stop you from making revenue from these committed folks.


I loved having a quick easy Raid. Half the rooms and still get a SH . Bummer on the legendary but not a big deal considering how easy it was to knock out. Rally at the same time was a bit of a crunch but most of us only do the 50 rooms for the rewards so not that different than crunching dungeons for a day.

I had fun :+1:


Our guild completed it and I bagged another SH I’m not sure I’ll ever use - Naomlen’s dagger.

Unfortunately the raid also prompted one of our long term members who had played the game since day 1 to drop out and quit the game because they said the game has just become one massive load of grinding, which I have a tendency to agree.

Any additional content comes with a grind, rather than being new, interesting and innovative to play. It’s always a slight spin on something existing and the effort doesn’t always give a reward worth grinding for.


Anvil is my least favorite boss, so I actually liked that it was in a shortened raid rather than a full raid.

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To be fair almost every game will be a grind at some point. This is a dungeon crawler. You need to upgrade gear to become more powerful, you won’t be freely handed that gear. How else would you suggest it be obtained/what new fundamental innovations would you suggest?

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I won’t, I’m done making suggestions for this game as things are either implemented in the worst way possible or fobbed off indefinitely.

Myself and many others asked for choose your own characters PvP - we got Warrior Draft.

Myself and many others asked for replay Explore mode and we got given another Heroic Adventure embedded in hero mode.

We’ve been asking for Guild PvP forever and it’s not happened.

So anything ‘new’ in the game that has a grindlike element that doesn’t provide an exciting enough reward for the monotony they put you through just isn’t motivational enough to play for.

Most dungeon crawlers worth their salt have compelling enough stories, locations, characters, and weapon, armour and items to make killing thousands of baddies worth doing. This is not where this game is at the moment.

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Your suggestion of choosing your own PvP characters essentially breaks the game, there would be virtually no diversity outside of the “core” good characters who you already roster in anyway. I agree that Warrior Draft is awful. Perhaps it’s good for newer players, who knows.

From what I thought I read in the Forestfall Fen patch, once these inordinately long “Chapters” are finally complete, FF becomes an explore mode beyond LFE - and then there will be some sort of replayability of explore modes. Did I read it wrong?

Your suggestions aren’t innovative/non-grindlike per your original contention, so I’m just curious without essentially making an entirely new game, what would you like? Guild PvP is about the only thing you mentioned, is that it? If you suggested something else many times before and have now given up, point me to the thread please? But if you could write a quick sentence or 2 i’d be curious.


The strategy isn’t die and die fast :grinning: