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New 3hr incubator content

I’m aware of the change listed for 15 min incubators, but I just noticed this while speeding thru opening a 3hr. Also have a 24hr incubator cooking, but it doesn’t have boosts listed in it. I guess it’s just 15min and 3hr incubators that have boosts in them?


8 hour have them as well


Yeah, I literally just opened an 8hr incubator and got 3+ Health boosts.


15 min, 3hr, and 8hr incubators have boosts now. I wonder about 12hr incubators, and why they excluded 24hr incubators.

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Although in the grand scheme of things they barely help in boosting anything

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The daily battle incubator gave my 2nd account just past 3000, 4 or each boost.

None in 12 hour incs either…

It may not seem like alot… but speeding up incs is a way to gain more boosts and Ludia made it alot more enticing then before…

Between the additional coins, arena exclusive dna and other junk speeding up incs is a bit better then previously… and the balanced way of spending hard cash cause you get some of everything.

Id actually be really pleased if this was the only way you could buy boosts but i dont see it happening.


Woo more stats!

Did I miss some sort of announcement? Or did this just start happening out of the Blue? (As in, Blue “got loose” again)

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Seems like the 15 min one only gives out 1 stat boost now.

I’m hoping for a surprise that the boost tower may give 50 boosts instead of 25. Probably wishful thinking but then they may surprise us with boosted creatures in it also.

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If there was an announcement about incubator changes, I missed it also! This just appeared out of the blue yesterday to me.