New abilities for spinosaurids dinos families members

i have an ldea for abilities
1full defense:
team:sheild for 24 attack lasting 12 turns.Cleanse.Heal 1,523.Dodge for 24 attack lasting 12 turns.
2Evasive Lethal impact and run:
All target oppennet:Damage over time 100X
3Escape on lockdown(passive):
Target escape:swap pravent lasting 46 turns.

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@Mudkipz he have a ultimate extremely supreme Gooooooooood ideas!!!

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Thanks for replying

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Whilst the ideas are neat, they’re a bit… odd… Full Defense is completely busted, as it’s literally a Group Heal, Group Dodge, and Shields and Invincibility that last for 12 turns… A bit excessive for a move, don’t you think? Evasive Lethal Impact and Run seems to have the DoT effect for 100% of target’s HP, which is too much for a Bleeding Dodging Impact and Run. Escape on Lockdown has a weird name, and also has a weird property where it swap prevents for 46 turns. Which is WAY too long I personally believe. Not trying to offend you in any way, but these moves are really wacky…


They are pretty odd, but for a raid, some of these moves toned down would be pretty cool

In a battle, group long defense would last 3 turns, 6 attacks with 50% shield

In a raid, group long defense would last 3 turns with 50% shield

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I have no comment

NOt to be rude, but those moves are completely busted

Like just make full defense 4 turns 24 turns is just broken.
Dot 100% also broken
Lethal bleeding moves should only be 33.4 for 3 turns
Swap prevention at most should last 3 turns on a single move

Continuing the discussion from New abilities for spinosaurids dinos families members:
1Dash:Priority.Team:Increase Speed 100X
2Way of killer:Team:Increase Damage Critical chance 100X
Target all oppennet:Reduce Damage Critical Chance 100X
3Destruction:Target all oppenet Deal Damage 1.5X of oppennet HP
Remove shield Armor
4RED STOP: Target:Stun decrease speed 100X
5two take away:self:Cleanse
Target all oppennet:Nullify

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0.4 at most for maiming wound

yeah and hydras iconic bleed move

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mmmmmmmmmm i don’t know XD

it’s lethal

THX for reply

Yesn’t ok okay k

sorry it’s so odd and irritate if they’re add to the game jwa it’s make u cry

“hydras iconic bleed move”
“what’s hydra iconic bleed move meanings”

Fabeled Fangs

dot 40% to 2 turns
attak 1.5x

and they should not be any stronger than toxic quills

1.5x attack 75% stun dot 33.4% for 3 turns

this is file of abilities way of killer

file of tive abilities

hey reply more just discussion