New abilities post your ideas here

I have a few ideas for abilities they might sound complicated

Brace: brace would be like ready to crush but for armor rating it would be like +50 armor for 2 turns

Armor breaking: armor breaking would be the balance to brace armor breaking would do more damage the more armor the creature had for example you attack with armor breaking for 1000 attack and the Dino you attacked had 30% armor the attack would then do 1300 attack

Armor Breaking isn’t really relevant due to Armor Piercing already existing. And there has already been a chat for Fierce to remove armor from a creature. However, brace seems interesting, but what if instead of 50% armor, it got 50% shields for 1 turn that was unbreakable. Cooldown of 2, plus it deals no damage, but it shields team members in raids.

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Maybe I didn’t explain armor breaking enough let’s say you used a armor breaking attack on Tryko who has 30% armor the attack would normally do 1000 but against Tryko it does 1300 and if you attacked smilonymis who has 50% armor the same attack would do 1500 instead this attack makes it detrimental to have armor

So bonus damage to armored creatures basically? That’s interesting, but not many Armored creatures have enough to really affect it that much, and many have shields, which negates the Armor Breaking. However, with the name of Breaking, it seems more like you are removing armor rather than dealing more damage to armored creatures, though currently it’s likely the best name for it.

I wanted it to be piercing but piercing is taken. This idea is more or less to fix the problem of resilient creatures over taking everything

Another idea is like instant invincibility but instead of blocking the attack it reflects the attack back

Ok. Now that’s cool.

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