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New ability: Enrage

I got bored, so I thought of two new ability types. Which Dino should this apply to?

Functions like Counter Attack in that it triggers off being hit. However, instead of attacking back, the creature gains Ferocity +X% for Y turns.

Example Dino

Grumpasaurus (Name Pending)
Attack: 1100
HP: 4000
Speed: 105
Armour: 20%
Crit: 5%

Armour Piercing Strike
Armour Piercing Impact
Long Protection

Enrage: This Dinosaur gains +50% damage for 2 turns after being hit.

Hidden Strike, Impact, Rampage

This attack does not trigger counter-attacks.

Thoughts? I was thinking you could replace some dinos basic strike… maybe Spinotaraptor/Spinotasuchus with Hidden Strike. These dinos are generally pretty decent against Counter-Attackers already.


Love Hidden move. Enraged mobe confused? It is a counter like wounding and distracting counter right?

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Enrage is a buff that activates when you’re hit. So it’s kind of like a non-damaging counter.

I came up with something similar, a passive named Agitation. It’s the same as Enrage, except it only triggers when the user’s shields are nullified or destroyed, to provide some extra damage in unfavourable matchups.
I put Agitation on Rajakylosaurus and Diorajasaur.
X being 50 and Y being 1.

Yeah, it’s basically like… distracting counter on Dilophoboa but buffs you instead. Each time a dino damages you, you get a buff.

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Really good idea :+1: