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New ability for the next patch

(-Creature becomes invincible for 1 turn. Deprives target’s immunity for 3 turns, target unable to swap out for 2 turns. CD:3)

Who do you think it fits in the best?

  • Apatosaurus
  • Stygidaryx
  • Us all when it’s time for the boost sale

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Ooo nice graph there how did ya make it?


When you build the poll, choose “pie” instead of bar as how you want the chart to look like.


Ah okay well I gues I’ve learned Much today

Everyday there’s something new to learn!


Pie chart, makes me hungry

An Apatosaurus howling :joy:. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. Now you’ve got me wondering if Dire Wolves will be added.

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Dire wolves in the store sounds great.

Howl sounds like a move that would decrease opponents attack, and increase users attack, along with a priority

It could work well on stygidaryx, but then the name howl wouldnt work lol

Thanks for the reminder. Hope it suits better now.

Just tweaked a little bit to make it sound reasonable.
This ability is tailored to it as a bleeder. Because bleeding is already forgotten from the endgame. I know for a fact that, if more versatility to be introduced, we should do less about attack value. Therefore I’m keen to see if it will be applicable to temporarily remove immunity as part of the strategy.

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Shrieking Apatosaurus–Yes, rise from obscurity, my all-stomping creation! Make your fury KNOWN!!!