New Ability Suggestion - Breakthrough (Stun Counter!)


Hi All,

What does everyone think about a new ability called “Breakthrough.” Here is how I envision it working. Essentially, this is a small counter to the Stun ability. Stun is one of the most useful/irritating effects in the game. With the amount of stuns in the Meta, I am trying to see what people think of a way to reduce the rage from bad Stun luck

Breakthrough - Deals 1x damage. Can be used during Stun effect . 20% chance to remove Stun effect from self.

Furious Breakthrough - Deals 1.5x damage. Can be used during Stun effect . 40% chance to remove Stun effect from self. Deals 50% more damage for one turn.

Enraged Breakthrough - Deals 2x damage. Can be used during Stun effect . 60% chance to remove Stun effect from self. Deals 50% more damage + 30% Critical Chance for one turn.

I envision this on Tank buster dinosaurs, such as Rex, as they’re very much lacking in the current top tier dinosaurs due to their slow speed.

This will bring a little bit of strategy into using Stuns and Countering them without any guarantee on either front.

I would love to hear from the community!



I thought this thread would get more love, considering the amount of issues with Stun.


those percent chances to remove the stun; so if they dont remove the stun you just dont do anything? So using these you still have to roll a % chance to make a move the same as if you were being hit by a stunning move. So even more rng. And since these are moves the question then becomes; who gets the moves and which moves do they replace. If Rex gets one then she loses a defence shattering move which impacts her viablity as a tank-buster. And if you’re talking about a select group of dinos getting a counter to stun then you already have immunity dinos, although admittedly theres only a few decent ones in that cattegory.

The way to deal with stun is to make it so dinos cant be stunned on consecutive turns thanks to a buff they get after a turn of stun. This wouldnt affect dinos with only 1 stun move and would only prevent dinos with multiple stun moves from stun locking.


It’s RNG, yes. But it’s counter RNG. You have a chance to offset your negative RNG streak. And yes, if you do not get the stun removal, you just loose a turn as normal.

I have a 19 Rex and I almost never beat a tank dino. Maybe of the same rarity, but there are no pure tank busters for Legendary. Only Unique. If Allosinosaurus got Defense Shattering Rampage instead of the 1.5x version, it would be worth while.

I would imagine that the Rex can have it’s Defense Shattering Rampage replaced. We already have 2 shield buster moves. I don’t see the reason for 3. Let’s be honest, the Rex is the only Epic shield buster in the game. It needs some love. Hell, even if we could get a Rexie version with some added buffs/moves that would be amazing.

A little surprised she hasn’t made an appearance yet since other movie specifics have. (Raptor pack, Indomonus, Indoraptor, etc). The main star of JP and JW don’t get any appearance :frowning:


My idea for a stun counter is to have an instant immune ability. It takes priority and blocks whatever effect they just used, but doesn’t shield any damage. Or maybe shields like 25%.
That or make more immunity Dino’s


There is no such thing as ‘counter’ rng; it’s all the same thing. The only difference is what result your are hoping for. Using a stun move against another stunner is ‘counter’ rng since you are hoping for a stun over your opponent.

‘Rex is the only epic shield buster’ you’re forgetting Gorgosuchus and Baryonyx, which are faster and can output an equally or more powerful defence shattering rampage than rex with a boost, Postimetridon and Secodontosaurus, which while not stronger are faster and have immunity, and now Pteranodon with a basic defense shattering strike.

Rex’s whole thing is that she has the highest base damage of any dinosaur, which she still does even after her nerf, and since both her big attacks ignore all armour and shields and cycle on 1 turn cooldowns she could potentially just cycle through them for massive damage. This is therefore tempered by her low speed and vulnerability to debuffs. The problem is that most of the good tanks have access to debuffs, most usually stun, which is really an issue they should have addressed in the update if they really wanted to move away from the stale tank meta, but didnt.