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New ability types to fix some problems


some new moves to consider adding to game

heavy strike
always loses priority(always moves after your opponent does)
deal 1x damage sharrering shields and piercing armor.
this move is ment as a drawback for a yet to come dino with good stats

surveilance strike/impact/rampage
cooldown 1/2/2
deal 1/1.5/2x damage
you see your opponents move selections next turn and you have 3 more seconds to choose your move.
this move is to be given to birds and sauropods mostly. also shows if your opponents going to swap dinos and what dino they are swapping to so now there will be a way to counter dg2 and other swap in abilities. cant be cleansed and is inavoidable by immunity

disabling strike/impact/rampage:
cooldown 3/3/3 delay 1
deal 1/1.5/2x damage
the last move your opponent used has its cooldown increased by 2 turn
this effect cannot be cleansed but immunity escapes this effect. this move can put basic attacks to cooldown. if an opponent has no moves somehow not on cooldown it is like they got stunned. they can pick no moves, they can swap dinos and the end turn button appears over moves list

blinding strike/impact/rampage
cooldown 2/3/3
deal 1/1.5/2x damage
enemy dino has a %50 chance of missing (same as dodging but backwards) for 1 turn
ment as a replacement for distraction in the dilo family since dilophosaurus in the movies spits acid that blinds. this effect can be cleansed and immunity is unaffected by this effect

roaring strike/impact/rampage
cooldown 1/2/2
delay 1/1/2
always loses priority
deal 1/1.5/2x damage
your opponent is forced to swap dinos to a random dino(like old strike and runs)
this move is especially dangerous to use since you can trigger a sıa from an opponent but also catch them off guard by switching their dino to a one that they ment to save for later, also exposing their team. this move has always loses priority clause so that it doesnt screw opponents by going first and swapping their dino so that they dont attack. it would be problematic. and this move is countered by immunity

any damage this dino deals heals this dino for some percentage of the damage dealt. this pasive is only to be given to low attack dinos like counter attackers so they have some more survivibility

enemy dinos passive effects are negated
this is a way to deal with sıa’s counter attacks and most importantly immunity

also a note: not all these moves need to have a rampage version maybe impact is fine enough but i wrote them anyway. let me know what you think

edited to correct some spelling mistakes and add some side notes

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There is room for some really cool moves to be implemented into the game to make it far more strategic. Also the introduction of some more passive effects that can better control gamestate (e.g. passive pinning, etc). However, I believe the game is not at those advanced levels yet, but it would be cool to test these ideas out somehow.


I would only like a move against swap-in abilities or passive effects