New Ability Wishlist


Based on your gameplay experience and encounters, what new moves would you like to see on future creatures?
I would like to see a Poison Bite move if we ever get Troodon. It could perhaps lower damage by -33% and deal x1 damage for 2 turns? We could have 2 different Troodontids of different rarities like Troodon Pectinodon(Telltale) and Zanabazar
The other move I’d like based on my own gameplay is an Instant Deflect which could probably use a better name, but it would give you priority immune to a status effect but not block the damage. Kinda the opposite of Instant Invincibility. I’d like to see Inostrancevia or maybe some new smaller ceratopsians like Nasutoceratops/Diabloceratops/Zuniceratops get this
Let’s hear what you guys want!


cool idea! and i believe troodons bite may apply a status condition like Dot %10 until the dino dies and this debuff persists if the dino is swapped out. it would be accurate to the telltale troodons


Not exactly a new move but I would like to see some of the smaller dinosaurs have a passive dodge chance due to their size. I’m thinking specifically of Tanycolagreus and other smaller theropods.


yea. that is a neat idea. they should create corpies with low damage and health but %75 evasion and high crit chance


I could see a 25% passive dodge ability being added. Plus it’d be super comical to see little theropods like Ornitholestes or Procompy/compy kill Indos lol
Maybe Oviraptorids could get it? I don’t think we’ve had a single oviraptor in any ludia JP game yet


That’d be pretty potent against tanks and the like if it added a stacking 10% poison damage for every basic strike for 2 turns so each one overlaps the next?
Or would it be better to have a long lasting DoT move like 10-15% poison damage for 6 turns and -25-33% damage for 2 turns? Maybe both? I’m not sure the game would register damage on opponents that are tagged out.


no this is not on a basic attack