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New account, And Questions about Rules

I just wanted to ask, since I’ve been unable to get into my account, I got into it on my second device. My device also had an alt account, which I logged off of. A few hours later I received a message stating about some sort of credibility conflict. Basically it wanted to delete my main account. I deleted the message, but now I’m worried that now I’ll get banned because of it, even though all I’m doing is changing my account frequently from alt to main on a single device. If anyone of Ludia staff could just let me know if this would ban me, since that would be a weird and unfair ban. Thanks, SimpSimp312 aka Nivedosaurus and NivedosaurusYT

Simp, having 2 accounts won’t get you banned. I have 3 accounts on my device, although I only play 2 of them

Yes but the problem is that I keep getting this message

Oh, I get it. You’re using a wrong way to switch accounts. You must be using google/apple for one account and facebook for the other.
You have to log out then login again. You can’t just login directly on your current account or you might lose one of your accounts

I tried what you said but I got the same message again which is weird

I have no idea, you probably have already lost one of the accounts? Anyway try contact ludia support, I’m sure it’s not a ban because you’re not violating any rules by switching accounts

There is no log out button for Apple accounts on my device too, had a big conundrum on discord lol

Oh no, the problem is not about a ban, because I haven’t been banned. I’m just worried that I will get banned since I keep getting that credibility message

Oh I see, just letting know you wont get banned, Simp. You should contact ludia support on your working account and try retrieve your lost account. The more information about the lost account the better

Yea, I’ve contacted Ludia a load of times, and most of them haven’t responded or just gave me a automated message. I don’t want to seem rude or anything, mpI’m just really worried.

My wife has 2 facebook accounts and gets this all the time. She just hits the confirm. It’s kind of a pain with going back and forth with 2 facebook accounts. I have a google and facebook account.