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New active Alliance “BreakfastClub Gen 2"

Introducing BreakfastClub Gen 2, an active group of fun people. We are a new alliance that formed from our original BreakfastClub where our leader was inactive and left us a handful of other inactives.

1 A great fun group of active players.

*2 “Coin Day" every Tuesday everyone is expected to use at least one of your DNA request on a super Common non relevant Dinosaur species, (the current list being the following Nundasuchus,Majungasaurus, , IritattorG2,Dimorphidon,AnkylosaurusG2,Apatosaurus,Suchomimus,DiplocaulusG2, ) it’s a great coin haul.

Alliance missions should be 4&4 minimum. Your help is appreciated.

What’s expected from you?
The only requirements are be fun, be active, help with missions, HAVE FUN! We would really appreciate if you participate in our weekly Coin Day.

We currently have (( 0 )) Spots waiting just for you!

*(According to Alliance mission needs we may schedule coin days when needed to achieve better rank)

Just send me a message with your IGN and your #.

Could I join your alliance. I’m a daily player and I will try to help the team with daily mission. My IGN is ValconV. I will take part in your weekly coin day. Thanks

Also my # is 1655

I tried to eccept your request but there was an error, so I sent you a envite…

I’m In The Alliance Now

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We have one space waiting for a very active Player! If you are active and want an amazing alliance, WE WANT YOU!

Make that 0 spaces.

We are now full.

Can I join please?

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I’m sorry, were currently full. I might have a space in little bit, do you want me to message you when I have space?

I just got invited to a new alliance, so I will think about it. Though can you update me on your Alliance’s status?

We were full, but I’ll let you know when that changes.

:+1:(ten characters)

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We now full. Again.