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New, active, clueless: 2 players looking for german/english alliance

Heyho all,

we - that’s me (m / 41 / lvl 7 / local 3 / germany) and my girlfriend (f / 33 / lvl 8 / local 3 / germany) - are looking for a newbie friendly alliance to play together and help each other progress.

We registered only a couple of days ago and still try to find our way into the game. There’re some things that aren’t quite clear for us yet but we’re doing our best progressing step by step every day. We play actively for several hours a day.

Livetalk isn’t something we enjoy, so we wouldn’t join any discord or teamspeak servers. There’s a good chance to find me in the alliance chat, though. Besides that we enjoy helping other players as good as we can by … whatever means necessary, I guess? Like trading DNA or playing pvp or tounaments or whatever an alliance could benefit from. Honestly we don’t even really know, yet.

Preferably there’d be some rather experienced players to answer questions if google doesn’t come up with helpful info.

At the moment we run a 2-“man”-aliance just for fun but we think we would rather take our playing experience up by a notch.

Anything else important? Our dinos are obviously not strong at the moment. We each got a few epics, a few more rares and a (Edit because of this term the post got flagged, I guess?!) “whole lot” of commons. We got 1 or 2 of the more common and early to get hybrids.

So, if you’re interested or need to know anything else, just leave a post.


ist eure allysuche noch aktuell? falls ja hätte ich da vielleicht ne ally für euch :slight_smile:

da würde vielleicht platz für euch wenn ihr mit den regeln da einverstanden seid

Translated from German

Is your alliance search still up to date? If so, I might have an alliance for you :slight_smile:

Maybe there would be room for you if you agree with the rules.

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

We are a new alliance that are getting new recruits in. We formed a new one as our old alliance would not allow us to help lower lvl players with apex raids.
If you are still looking we have spots available