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New active player looking for active alliance

Started playing about a week ago. Joined an alliance with a lot of members(47) but it had space. I kept getting alliances suggested that were 50/50 or like 1. Today I looked at the alliance missions and saw

I cropped it to take out the alliance name because it seemed rude not to. Anyways! I know I’m active but … MVP on almost everything? The more I’m learning the more I think I might need an alliance change to something more than mostly me being active. I thought maybe there would be more activity on the weekend but I’ve only seen 2 people online at once almost all Saturday(today).

I just hit lvl 7. I’m still kind of a newbie. I have a 2 star battle rating. I switch from pokemon go (played since 2016) because JWA doesn’t punish you for living in the middle of nowhere and a corn field, so I wont be disappearing any time soon.

I have space in MeenasVillage. It’s not very big yet, but we work hard. I’d love to have you join.

We would love to have you in Happy Whovians. Just removed a bunch of inactive players and are looking for active players.

I have a new alliance and I’m doing good! Thank you for your consideration messages and replies, I really appreciate it :3 I’ll update the original message to… nvm I cant edit it.

Anyways… thanks guys!