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New additions to the lineup

During the Brachiosaurus tournament and potentially needing many trophies, I was trying to battle a lot. It made it apparent what I was missing in my lineup. I have a lot of the dinos that I need, but I don’t think I have enough of them.

It seemed I needed more Carnivore meat shields (high health, but low attack to keep the ferocity down), balanced Carnivores and Amphibians with attack around 500, and Pterosaur meat shields. I wasn’t able to fill all the holes already, but I spent almost 20K DBs hatching and evolving 2 Ceratosaurus’ (hatching another one right now and will do one more next week), 8 T-Rexs, 7 Ichthyostegas (already had one hatched), 6 Suchomimus (already had a level 20). Also hatched one Acanthostega (another one hatching right now). Thank you @BruceRex for telling me today was a 15% hatchery discount. The bonus was it was a 15% creation lab discount also :grin:


Forgot, also hatched 5 Microposaurus (hatching an additional one right now and will hatch and buy another one during tomorrow’s discount).

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You are so prepared,I wonder of myself. The newest additions are Prestosuchus and Segnosaurus! I too have been grinding PvP a lot. I totally won 1 Diplocaulus ,1 Giganotosaurus,a total of 600 LP, 400 DNA,and that was 10 matches including the Ads,so 50 DB was the cost for all of this,and I also won back 40 DB,so only 10 DB

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Nice, yeah I always like when I win DBs back at the end :grin:

I’m getting more prepared, but still more Pterosaur meat shields. My long term plan it Zalmonodon, but I need to hatch 8 Zalmoxes. I don’t have the DBs to fast hatch like I did today, so I figure maybe one or two a week for several weeks, that should give me plenty of time to Evolve then in the hatchery without needing to speed them up. Actually, I might need to speed them up after they reach a certain ferocity so it doesn’t mess up my PVE. In the meantime, I’m going to work on hatching more Tapejalosaurus’ to use instead. Suchoripterus is also a good meat shield, but I don’t want to give up my new Suchomimus since he’s a Carnivore meat shield for me now and I don’t have him unlocked.

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I see why. I do not have Suchomimus unlocked either,but I have Suchoripterus unlocked. 3 Pteranodons to go for maxing. I am not sure whether my next raise in average top 3 ferocity should be a Pteranodon Level 40 or Suchoripterus 20.

I would try to do both. Pteranodon is pretty balanced and Suchoripterus has a higher health so can me used as a meat shield if necessary. You’ll be able to continue using Suchoripterus for a while and evolve him as needed since it’s only a level 20. You’ll still need the Pteranodon to make Zalmonodon eventually though. If nobody is hatched yet, Suchoripterus will be faster to get. His cool down is an hour and a half longer than a level 40 Pteranodon though.

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I never knew that PvP gives you so many LPs,so far I have been gaining about 600 LP Daily since I started grinding PvP,if this continues,it will take me a very short time for Solid Gold Packs. 600 LP*7 Days= 4200 LP. 1300 LP from 2 Golden Rewards Packs every week during weekends,then if there is a tournament,that guarantees 1300 LP almost every time,so 6800 so far. Custom trades=Hammond to LP for 7 days with the average as 250 LP. 250 LP times 7= 1750 . 1750+6800=8550, now and from the weekly unlocks being either Super Rare(325 LP) or Legendary(650 LP) ,it can be a total of 650-1300 including both the aquatic/Cenezoic and the Jurassic unlock,let us assume that it is both super rare events and hence both events give us 650 LP totally. 650+8550= 9200, and the rest of the stuff I am sure you will gain the remaining through trades throughout the week.

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A weekly solid gold pack is a lot better ,remaining LPs do not have to be from the trade harbor , if you are a max level player,you might get some from the infinite battle stage.

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Almost, I haven’t gotten past battle stage 90 yet.

Knocked a couple of hybrids off of my list

Next up will be Glythronax and Zalmonodon. If all goes well, I’ll buy the last Zalmoxes and Lythronax I need today.


A tanky boi and a fishy boi.


you can’t rely on getting 600 LP everyday from PvP. sometimes you get nothing.

don’t forget you get 650 LP from solid gold packs too.

+we don’t have a tournament this week

Apat fossil gives more LP than JH in custom trades.


I need Eryops!!! At level 20 he has 1700+ life and only a 4hr 16m cool down. Why can’t we have him in the CoT next??? He’s never had one and it looks like he’s only had two tournaments. Him or Secondontosaurus (Carnivore meat shield with similar stats). They would be perfect for my team right now.


I think Eryops is a battle stage?

I have him unlocked, so I can’t check. (It will say on the dino in the market either battle stage or special event.)

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Not a battle stage.


I double checked, I don’t have him unlocked.

I don’t have much love for meat shields/dinos above 3:1.

I have one at L20 and 1700H is enough for me. I rarely use this dino unless a PvE calls for it.

Acanthostega is a battle stage unlock

Eryops is not.

I’m the reverse. I love meat shields with high life and low attack. It means low ferocity. So I can have a higher ferocity with my other two dinos and keep my average ferocity down during tournaments to try and get closer to 40 trophies.

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I understand that point of view, but if your meat shield has class advantage over the other 3 dinos, you may be left with a border line un-winable match due to lack of attack. Unless you play Carno-Bird-Carno type of line ups with a second dino with more attack.

Also, cool down is determined by health, the monstrous meat shields have brutal cool downs. (This can be solved by depth, but I don’t have the team/resources to build that many monstrous meat shields yet.)