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New additions to the lineup

There’s always a chance it might be added into the platinum prize wheel with the rest of the VIPs. Others have been added before. Ludia just seems to like to keep new stuff as rare finds in the game so players will cough up money to get them.

Hopefully playing against exclusive dinosaurs may be enough to complete the experience “collection” wise without even getting the actual thing. So far, I rarely face vip cenezoics. I hope this changes in the future.

LOL, yeah I kind of feel that way every time the cute little kanga hops into a battle event! I always feel bad for killing the little bugger.

In case anyone was wondering, the gap between a level 20 Diplosuchus and a level 30 Prestosuchus or Mastodonsaurus is large enough to hold a level 30 Diplosuchus

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Just added this guy because I finally got my eighth Tyrannotitan. I don’t know if I need him, but I’m glad to have unlocked him.


I had never really focused on this creature until I was able to get a lot of offers for it in TH. It may not be the most sought after creature, but performed well as my lead sacrifice creature in the most recent tournament and was able to take out an amphibian or two along the way…


Scored another Spinoraptor after a couple of modded PVP matches. If I get one more, I’m going to go for the super hybrid (I barely have enough SDNA for one). I think at level 1 it will be my strongest dino, but shouldn’t be by much.


Scored a Diplotator in coin trade. Forgot to screen shot it, but played 3 PVP matches today. Lost the first one because AI used two Invigorate mods and a vitality mod on a Glythornax. I think I still should have won, but I messed up my block count. I did score a Rajastega on my last win though. I threw him in the hatchery not realizing he takes 5+ days :roll_eyes: that was my free spot too.


That’s a lotta things in your market. Also your stash of Apatosaurus Fossils looks to be low.

I’ve not seen that the number of AFs in your market in anyway effects how many trades for it you get. As long as you have some extras in your park that you can add to the market in the event your trade offers will empty you out, there’s nothing wrong with having only 1 or 2. I often get that low before I refill my stash…but that’s because I always leave a few in my park in case I do need to pick up some to take trades before I re-stash.


It doesn’t. I was just stating the fact that you might need to rebuild those fossils soon.

Exactly. I only keep 3 in my market at a time, but I have around 10 in my park lying around just in case they’re needed.

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Yeah, I don’t have the time to keep a clean market. Also, I like having plenty of mods on hand for the mod battles and just in case we’re going to have a mod tournament. If I could buy the exact mod I want that would be different. Having to depend on the wheel spin isn’t going to cut it for me. So, since I’m going to keep mods, it doesn’t make sense for me to worry about dinos in my market.

Used today’s creation lab VIP discount to speed up Spinoraptor and make Spinotasuchus. I can only afford one though. Going to be a while until I can make another one.


Nice. I’m still short S-DNA to make my first

Finally got another rare hybrid from coin trade. Odds seem to be about 1 out of 3 chance. I’m getting a lot of Diplotators now though instead of Carnoraptor, Pachyceratops, and Tapejalosaurus.


Yup, I’m seeing the same. So far of the 3 hybrids I’ve gotten, 2 were Diplotators.

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Here’s a new stall to my lineup. I’m mostly done with the tournament, so it’s not a big deal, but the game booted me out while on wifi and I just started my code 19. It started with a slide bar and I picked them all perfect (rare occurrence), then it booted me.

I didn’t think about it except that I lost potential DNA. Then I saw he escaped. Again, I get it, you don’t want people to be able to close the game if the creature is going to escape, but there has to be a way you can differentiate the people that purposely quit the game and those that get kicked out randomly. I don’t like being punished for things I didn’t do and that are out of my control.

On a positive note, I did win this from the prize wheel this morning. I would love to win the Wuerhosaurus that’s up for grabs now (don’t have him yet), but I don’t think my luck is good enough to get the prize two days in a row.


Wow and you say I have a lot of dna? And those loyalty points aswell… tasty :sweat_smile:

Those code 19s are a pain for me too I’ve only crashed the game on one before think it was ostapo so similar ferocity to your guy which was frustrating