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New additions to the lineup

Some new additions today :smile:
Edit: sorry, left one off.


Nice but I think my addition are better

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Are these just your unhatched tournaments?

If they are, I think I have you beat by a little bit :wink:

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What have you done to get so many amazing dinosaurs :scream:

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Nothing really, just haven’t made time to hatch them. I speed hatch all my less than a day dinos during Tuesday discount. Then hatch four 2-3 day dinos. Right now I buy Cenozoic hybrids during Thursday discount behave I’ve been working on my Cenozoic lineup. I hatch 4 Cenozoic tournaments and speed them up on Tuesday and start the process all over. So, right now no time to hatch anything else. My jurassics just sit for now and I hope I don’t accidentally trade them, lol.

All these tournament dinos are from gold spins, prize drop, and tournament wins. I figure I’ll be done with Cenozoic in about 2 months, then I can start clearing some aquatics, then finally back to jurassics.

Nice I always have to have a clear market because I need to get the best buck,DNA,and food trades possibly

@Bandeezee my resources from the clear market strategy

Yes, that strategy is definitely nice. I just like having mods on hand and that ruins it.

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@Bandeezee Ahh ok got ya I just need the resources really really really really really really really badly because I need to improve my lineup and I want to raise my ferocity roof to 7000++ like @Nonthawath_777 has done and I will be making a thread soon to get some tips and tricks on getting vip points quickly and efficiently without being a vip member

Omg nearly 500 creatures to hatch?!?

That’s gonna take you years @Bandeezee :joy:

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Yeah, but I think it’s going to go down once I can stop focusing on Cenozoic. I give it another two months (or a little more), then I think I can relax. Then I’ll do the same thing I’m doing now, but I won’t buy anymore dinos until I can get all my tournaments hatched.

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Also with the clear market strategy, I see no improvement in af to DB trades since getting rid of all my mods, itl take me a while to clear my creature inventory aswell, especially as us vips seem to get more tourney creatures free than we are able to hatch in the same space of time

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Yeah, clear market only works if you’re completely clear. I remember someone trying to keep mods and everything else clear, but didn’t work. Once he was completely clear, then the AF trades started coming in.

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You’ve still been working on cenos?

Let’s see your lineup for them.

I took a break but I may go back to adding creatures soon, I think currently I have only 7 or 8 dom worthy teams


I’ll be making two more level 40 Marsupial Lions, another level 40 Andrewsarchus, another level 21+ Megatherium (these 4 will be hatched tomorrow), two level 30 Gastronis, eight level 20 Mammoths (this is going to take the longest), another level 21+ Eucladoceros, and two level 21+ Titanoboas (already have two level 20s, so just need to hatch 4 more). Throughout this time, I’ll keep buying Megistocurus and speed hatching him on Tuesday’s. I think I’m going to also make one more level 11+ Savanah hybrid each (I can make more of these whenever since they can go in my 2-3 day window).

Once that is done, then I’ll switch to hatching my Aquatic tournaments, but still hatch Cenozoic legendaries in my 2-3 day hatch window.

interesting set up…

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I figure when I’m done, I’ll mostly be using level 20 Mammoth, level 11+ Bronto, and level 21+ Megistocurus.