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New additions to the lineup

Much appreciated. Trying to beef my vips

Some new hybrids added to the lineup over the past week or so.
Cranked Giga last night then speed hatched a 2nd to fuse to 20(wanted to get him started with the possibility of him being the base creatures of the new S-hybrid)
Metria was more of a collector creation.
And Tyrannotitan is from about a week ago.

Also finally got my final copies of Zalmoxes hatched and fused up to make my lvl 40 today.
Then instafused for Zalomondon
As much as it sucked to get rid of Zalmoxes I needed some more legendary muscle for the legendary only PvE(and I’m working on Segno so the herb slot will be filled by her).
Zalmoxes will make his return eventually though


Saw your post and decided to fuse my guy too. I’m thinking I’ll purchase and quick hatch 7 more during Thursday’s discount.


Very nice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’ve got 1 cooking now(3rd total) and may do the same during discount with the last 5.
The only thing is if the S-hybrid ends up being something different or if its new SDNA so we’ll have atleast a week or 2 to collect up and be able to fuse it.

So my other thought was get 1 to lvl 30(then it’ll atleast be usable in some events) then wait until the info comes out on the new S-hybrid and go from there.


What do we have here?

Next one to unlock is @Jurassic_Fury 's fave fluffy friend (or should I say Jurassic Furry). Already started hatching the components.


Maybe you shouldn’t :woozy_face::rofl:


This new addition is to my decoration lineup (unlocked it today). Pushing my Labyrinthosaurus closer to 1000% boost :grin:


Gotta say it’s a lot better than the other vip exclusive decos, hoping for good stuff from the brachiosaur one.


Yes, 7 reach is awesome.


I believe this is my only 31+ tournament dino. I’ve had others, but fused them. This guy will get fused too once I have enough of his partner. For now though, he stands at the number 12 spot for my Carnivores.


Ok, here’s my first non-hybrid tournament dino that is level 31+. He’s number 6 in my herbivore lineup behind my 5 Armormatas.


Thank you for supporting the game as those Hasst statues denote a decent amount of pack purchases.


Yes, no problem. I went on a little spending spree when they were available a little bit ago.

Added another level 31+ tournament dino. He sits at #8 on my Pterosaur lineup.


Took me long enough (according to my most recent post cca 4 weeks to get here), but finally did it:


Question; I am lacking one pyroraptor after I got one from the spin wheel today, should I buy one for 1,750 bucks, I currently have 72,400 bucks.

I would add Wuerhosaurus to this list too. Being a herbivore with that stat distribution making it very versatile in my opinion.

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I like that punk Indoraptor, i’m the italian Therizino2.0…did you remember me? Also I recently unlocked Deinocheirus (that sucks and i’d sell it for free dna but i hold for accademical purposes) and recently got a Tylo in SGPacks


Dienocherios is the poor man’s segnosaurus , if you don’t have segno it’s a good dino to have.
It doesn’t have a hybrid yet so may seem useless but it comes handy in tournaments.

Yeah it’s pretty weak, considering i normally use lvl 30 legendaries, it’s outclassed by other stronger souls