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New additions to the lineup

Spinoraptor is better in every way … but when you compare spinoraptor with tapejalosaurus it gets interesting :joy:

Ok I guess you are right lol. I am just not patient I guess and like the quicker option in terms of evolving. Long term, spinoraptor is better.

I evolved my spinoraptor before I had my carnoraptor at maximum…

I have spinoraptor x2 at lv 30. I just meant rare hybrids are faster to evolve than super rare ones.

It’s because of the rarity

Spinoraptor and Tapejalosaurus are around equal in ferocity at lv 30 atleast. Both make super hybrids. They also match really well. I chose Tapejalosaurus over spinoraptor because it was a flyer.

I know that was my point.

DB? Yikes.

I have coins coming out of my ears.

When the common mod cost caps out, it is about 9million coins and 10DB to play a round.


Easiest way to get MODs are coins. Coins, coins and coins. Nothing else. Even 10 million coins for a mod isn’t too bad.


I got mostly super rares mods and legendary mods from trade while Common and rares mods I got from raptor paddock.

Well, I don’t have coins out of my ears. If I did I would pay coins, otherwise I’m fine with DinoBucks. 30 is worth less than 9M coins to me and my progress.

I’d take 9 million coins for 30 DB in a trade every time. Mostly keep my MODs market clean for good trades in the trade harbor (they have terrible value). Basically, get 3 MODs, use 3 MODs. No left overs.


Most people would. I wouldn’t. My coin production isn’t good. My Dino’s aren’t that good either. Bucks can’t be used for much except speeding things up. Atleast for what I am using them on now. I usually buy 6 at a time, do 2 battles, rinse and repeat.

Finally got 4 Tanycolagreus, so I evolved 2. He’s a nice Carnivore meat shield for me now. I have a couple of Ceratos, but this guy is the first one I have over 1600 (not counting my balanced carnivores).

Added another Diplosuchus and scored another Prestosuchus through a custom DNA trade, so made another level 11.

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I had four 21+ Tapejalosaurus’, so I figured it would be a good time to make the super hybrid Tapejalocephalus :grin:
He’s my new king and I have to keep him at level 1. He’s just 11 higher ferocity than my Monostegotops. I’ll see how my PVEs go. I can almost make two more.

I really need a higher balanced Carnivore that has a fast cool down (around 7 hours). I don’t have enough SDNA to make the Spinotasuchus, but even if I did, he’s a glass cannon. The only Carno I can see is Megalosaurus at level 30, but that will take a while to make and DNA since I can’t get him in coin trades or PVP modded. My other option is Spinoraptor at level 30, but it’s like a 9.5 hour cool down. Level 30 Carnoraptor looks decent too with an hour less cool down, but not a lot of health. My best bet might be to fuse and make Priotrodon. I’ve been holding off because I really like the level 40 Dimetrodon, but I can’t see a better option. He will cost a lot of DNA to make more too. Any ideas?

Glass cannons take less time to cool down so not much options for balanced Carnivores that are < 7 hours. Personally, I’d just go for Carnoraptor lv 30 or Spinoraptor 30. Fast hatching and evolving. Priotrodon lv 10 is almost identical to a Carnoraptor lv 30 for cool down and stats.

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What tournament carnivores do you have unlocked? Can/have you unlocked Supranotitan?

One combination I use very often is Carnoraptor-Tapejalosaurus-Spinoraptor.

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I only have Megalosaurus, Ceratosaurus, and Yutyrannus (the battle stage ones, I haven’t been finishing in Dominator long enough to get any other tournament carnivores).

Yes, glass cannons have a shorter cool down time, but I’m going for a balanced Carnivore that still has a short cool down time. I’m thinking that leaves me looking at tournament dinos or super hybrids. The only super hybrid Carno is the Spinotasuchus though and he’s glass cannon.

Many of my dinos have a cool down time around 7 hours, so I’d like to stay around there or it will start messing up my timing for teams in tournaments. If I can’t, I might just have to start increasing the amount of larger dinos I have with a longer cool down time.