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New adventures and new alpha species

I think it would be cool to make a new Alpha which is going to be a swarm of Night Terrors flying in a formation of a huge dragon
A few ideas for new adventures, it could be an explore tab parallel to the main story. Basically following the Race to the edge themes:

  1. conquering the Speed Stinger island, they have gone mad because of the dragon root extract or something
  2. exploring the Fireworm cave with their Queen as alpha, could be a snoggletog quest
  3. the Quaken island with Whispering Death labyrinths, Quakens and the Cavern Crasher
  4. Melody island?
  5. Flightmare valley?
  6. crazy Hobgobbler invasion next dreadfall?

Omg I love your idea

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I like your ideas,I always wanted the story mode to be based on the story of the series or the movies, and I also suggested creating a new alpha like the submaripper for example.