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New Alliance - Accepting any trophy rank


Hey everyone,

I created a new Alliance HATE CREW and just need some people to help with the missions. No trophy requirement, probably won’t be kicking people for inactivity unless it’s a crazy amount of time (2-3 weeks) and will accept anyone as long as they don’t spam in chat.

Once again alliance is HATE CREW and all are welcome, let’s knock these alliance missions out together.


Ull get stuck trying to complete rank 4 like everyone else lol


That’s fine, better than being stuck at rank 2 or 3



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Out of curiosity, is there any thread on this forum you haven’t commented negatively on and then laughed at your own perceived hilarity? Do you ever tire of being condescending and obnoxious? Are you even aware of how awful you are?


You really wanna take away our comic relief in the forums? Comical as in, he doesn’t realize how much of a boor he really is? lol


Awful enough to evoke some type of feelings that make you to to take time out of ur day to respond to me ?


That being said, Let’s not derail the thread.
Good luck recruiting OP!!

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I’m going to go ahead and say this wasn’t a very successful recruitment thread, lol

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Give it time,
There are going to be a lot of unaffiliated players seeking alliances from here on out …
600+ epic DNA/week can be a hell of a motivator!