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New alliance from the old

We have started a new alliance since our original leader apparently quit the game.
The New Texan Outlaws are recruiting to fill the slots of inactive members. We are an active bunch in trading and missions.

Thanks to everyone for the pm’s.
We were down to about 14 members at the close and still managing 3/2 on the missions.

For those that happen to be reading this and were part of the old “Texan Outlaws”, please select “leave alliance” and either search for the new name and request an invitation or wait for an invitation from a member - we still have you on our friends list, so it won’t take too long.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the new alliance. Please don’t wait too long though.

How many members in ur new alliance now?

We currently have 12 members. Feel free to request an invite.

Hey @gullwing169 ok appreciate that but im very happy where i am but we maaay have space in ours if u have any interest in possibly joining ours?