New Alliance JurassicHeaven Recruiting

I started playing JWA on Novembers 21st and haven’t stop playing, I’m level 20 52XX trophies and very active (currently working on my last 2 dinos Quetzorion 170/250 and Geminititan 20/250), my son and daugther started playing 1.5 months ago (sharing the same account) and I promised them to be on the same alliance when they reached 1500 trophies… well they made it to 2000, they were 3 spots open and they joined my former alliance, but they were kicked out due to low level (10) so I had to left my alliance to create JurassicHeaven, we made it to rank 3 on exploration (one third advance to rank 4) with just 2 members! , we are currently 5 members and looking for active players, everybody is welcome just stay active and do your best to help the group.