New alliance, Legendary Goats. Active daily, please join :)

Just started my own alliance due to a lot of inactive members in my last alliance.
Looking to recruit members that will be active daily, compete in PvP to earn trophies, also to compete in the tournament’s and willing to help out other alliance members.

I’m a level 13 with 3755 trophies in PvP battles.
Alliance name is Legendary Goats and my name is Sassy #1958

I welcome all who are interested and hope we can build a strong alliance together.

If you’d be interested in joining an alliance, ours would be happy to have you! We’re called BadRexi, and being an active player is required. For alliance missions, we reach level 10 on exploration and 9 on defense. Message me or reply on here if you’re interested! :smile:
We also have a discord channel called SexiRexi for better communication.

Hey, just realised how hard it is currently to make an alliance from scratch.
I would be more than happy to contribute to the alliance you’re in.
I’ll have to make and account for discord so I can communicate better.

I have sent a join request for the alliance. It is the same username Sassy.

Also couldn’t find the discord chat with the name SexiRexi?

@Sassy I think Ludia deleted my message bc I posted the discord link here. My leader said they can’t find your alliance request though, if you want to add me I will invite you into the alliance. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Sassy I’m co-lead on BadRexi. I never got a request to join. If you give me your player name an tag I will add you. It is listed on you profile like this