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New Alliance: Libertas


Hey guys,

Me and a friend started a new alliance called Libertas, when we got fatigued by too many people constantly begging for DNA in our old alliance.

We’re a chill bunch, we love helping each other out! You can often find us online for friendlies.

Check us out, we will grow quickly:
Use this link to join my Alliance in Jurassic World Alive!

If this link doesn’t work, you can search for us in the app: Libertas.

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We are welcome to new players too. :hugs:


We’re still growing, and have a solid core of 7 now. Eager for more friendly folks! Ping me if you have any questions.

Libertas awaits!


Wishing you the best!

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Thanks Kodiak! Things are going great. :smiley:

For anyone still looking, Libertas still has slots available!