New Alliance looking for member's. Any Rank and level is welcome

Hello all
Thanks for taking time to read this, my alliance called The Fangs of China is currently looking for members. We are very new with only 2 members but every great thing has to begin somewhere :slight_smile:

I have 4170 trophies and rising.
The first week I got rank 6 exp incubator, rank 3 defense by myself. I’ve completed all raids except mortem and have many friends who are always willing to raid with us

I’m welcoming players of any level and rank all I ask is that you participate in raids and tournaments so we can grow strong together.

Happy hunting and I look forward to hearing from you.

Username: misschina88

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You’re welcome to join our alliance -
Jurassic Dominion

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No thanks but I appreciate the offer

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I have already have an alliance but I appreciate the offer! Just a motivational message but even if nobody from the forums joins your alliance it won’t mean you won’t make a successful alliance. Only 5 days ago I made an alliance and just like you I posted an advertisement to the forums, but nobody joined :frowning_face: except I still have reached 35 members. My suggestion is to just keep battling and recruiting the people you battle. Good luck :grin:

hope this helps


Now at 15 members with a solid raid group and multiple members contributing towards the tournaments, we are not capable of beating the apex Dino’s yet but we are active and growing strong so it’s just a matter of time. We hope to see you with us soon :blush:

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