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New Alliance Looking for Members

The Leader and users of our old alliance stopped playing amd so 2 of us made our own.

We want to play raids and just help eachother as much as possible.

If you are interested leave your user name and number here and I will add you.

We are friendly, active every day and helpful and just like playing the game.

The clan is called Master365


Still looking :slight_smile:

Hi Paul,

All aliances struggle to find good players, since there are too many alliances… If u might consider joining an alliance, I would like to get in contact with you, since our top 150 alliance League of shadows have a few openings currently… Let me know if u are interested…

my discord is: Bazzzman#5415

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Hi sorry for the late reply. Yeah looking for members is hard. So i will join another one i think. I also have 1 friend who would be interested too.

If you have opening let me know please. Sorry i dont have discord ao how else can i contact you?

If he doesn’t have openings we would be happy to have you at WhenDinosaursRuledEarth :slight_smile:

And your friend if he wants to join

Great! I am up for it and ill ask my friend too.

How do we join?

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Idk if you are talking to me but the best way is via discord like other members because we can communicate well through discord share raid starts and organize raids @Paul_Masters

If you don’t have discord it would be great if you considered downloading it because it’s hard to communicate well through alliance chat and we have a discord with not just alliance members but also just people that help each other out with raids :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to join discord you can just look up our alliance it’s WhenDinosaursRuledEarth :slight_smile:

If you give me you and your friends IGN I can accept you guys

Hi @TheNoobLegend27

Mt mate isnt answering but please add me too your alliance.

Mastekimusters #5409

Im looking forward to it


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I’m adding you as we speak but is that your JWA ign or discord @Paul_Masters ?

Edit: You’ve been invited to join WhenDinosaursRuledEarth :slight_smile:


Im in. Thank you.

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If your friend wants to join later he can